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Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire. Now you can be an instant millionaire with us on a monthly basis, with the Millionaire Maker board game created by Loral Langemeier, Dr Phil’s Money Expert.

We are Europe's Largest Millionare Maker game club! and now the second largest in the world!

It doesn't matter if you have very little cash, struggling to make ends meet, or you are fortunate to have disposable income and equity available to invest, every player has the same chance to make millions and reach their Financial Freedom Day! Join us for a fun face to face informal game.


What you will learn:

• How to create wealth much faster!

• How to buy and protect your assets

• How to hugely increase your Millionaire acceleration plan

• How to manage debt or get rid of debt much faster

• How to think, behave and become a millionaire
and much more...

In this dynamic, entrepreneurial game of creating Wealth Cycles like the wealthy do, you can kiss your ‘job’ goodbye and live the life you want to live, not have to live. This game is filled with exciting opportunities and challenges allowing you and your family to model your dream business after a successful mentor's, buy a six-unit apartment building, purchase a share of an oil well or even get sued by a disgruntled employee. It's like real life for an entrepreneur!


Players have a set amount of time to make the best, strategic business decisions they can to end up with highest net worth.

See you at our next games evening!

Joanna, Samantha, Jonathan, Schubert and Julia - http://www.LondonMillionaireMaker.com

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Run your OWN Millionaire Maker Meeting Here!!
Needs a date and time

One to One Video Meeting with us

We have an open invitation to anyone wanting to run a meeting in London which is focused on the Millionaire Maker game.

This gives you the opportunity to:

• Start meeting people without any up front hosting fees,

• Start your meeting with less administration,

• To focus on marketing,

• Leverage our established community here on Meetup.com and on Facebook.

This gives our community the opportunity:

• To experience something new,

• To learn things faster,

• To take action and make NEW money faster.

To run your own meeting in our group, message Jonathan Godney (http://www.meetup.com/members/112406942/) for more information and then video meet me here: https://zoom.us/j/7949033130 so that he can understand and help you setup your meeting easily.

Potential Discussion Topics:

• How to run your own Millionaire Maker & Cashflow Table,

• What skills you already have and can use to make an extra £500 to £3000 per month,

• What is your financial situation now,

• The basics of email marketing,

• How to think in the best way to achieve Financial Freedom,

• Why is Team, Leadership and Conditioning so important to Financial Freedom,

• How to massively increase your email list and community of prospects,

• How to calculate your Return On Investment in your head,

• How to manage your money for Financial Freedom,

• What is your money personality and how to lead your personality type,

• What three strategies are very quick to achieve Financial Freedom,

• How to increase your potential financial freedom acceleration,

• How important is NEW Cashflow income now,

• How to use your first few properties as leverage to completing your Financial Freedom,

• Don’t undervalue your extra income,

• When is the RIGHT time to buy assets,

Helping 100 individuals quit their job forever by 2020! The Financial Freedom Mastermind

Become a Millionaire in Real Life!
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Looking for a group of highly motivated Financial Freedom seekers?

The Financial Freedom Mastermind will take you from where you are, STEP by STEP all the way to Financial Freedom!

*** You dont hear that very often!! ***

Join the mastermind here: http://bit.ly/OnlineFFM

The Financial Freedom Mastermind Mentorship includes:

• Attending our twice monthly Online Mastermind Members Meetings,

• Participating in our “Financial Freedom Foundation Building Blocks” discussions,

• Attending the monthly online "How to Make £3000pm fast!" to greatly speed up the process of finding more Rent2Rent deals,

• Attending the monthly online "Property Matchmaking" meetings to hugely speed the process of finding more deals faster,


• Free access to attend the monthly "Make Your First Extra £1000pm Fast!" discussions,

• Being a Priority Contact Person for Financial Freedom events for your city.

www.MillionaireMaker.London is sponsored by The Financial Freedom Mastermind. To become a sponsor please message the Leadership Team.

Fast track your Millionaire Maker game!!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Two hours, one-to-one meeting discussing the strategies and hugely valuable lessons learned by playing the Millionaire Maker game.

You are learning the equivalent of over 50 played games of experience.

The one-to-one will be with someone who has already succeeded at implementing their own "Cash Machine" in real life, has built their own "Wealth Cycle" and will equate each of the lessons learned in the games to real life examples.

Location, date and time will be agreed.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to catapult your learning and experience forward!!

Please note: For the purpose of social interaction and sharing the atmosphere of the group by attending you consent to allow pictures to be taken and shared.

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