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What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Alt Coins and Trading.

- If you are an investor, business owner or just want to get to know what all the noise around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is all about, you are more than welcome to attend!
- Then main discussions will be around how to trade safely and potential trading opportunities with Alt coins and in other markets.
- We may also discuss other trading & forex strategies too for those interested in the conventional markets.

All skill levels are welcome - we expect to attract those new to Bitcoin who are ready to take Action and learn more as we go along. We will briefly discuss how to get started at each meeting and show you how to buy your first £100 in Bitcoin/Crypotcurrency, if you are new.

Our community is made from newbies just learning, those who have just bought their first Bitcoin/cryptocurrency, through to Traders, Miners, I.T. experts and blockchain techies.

Join this group if you are interested in an informal Meetup in Milton Keynes, to Mastermind and discuss new ideas. In future we may host Blockchain & technical meetups as well, if there is interest & demand for that.

Note: This is not a 'MLM' Coin or 'latest ICO' group. We will be looking at helping others trade themselves and sharing ideas, not 'pushing' various ‘schemes' out there.

FAQ: Bitcoin
What is it?

A digital currency, used to make payments of any value with (no) fees. It runs on the blockchain, a decentralised ledger kept running by “miners” whose powerful computers crunch transactions and are rewarded in bitcoins

Who invented it?

Satoshi Nakamoto, a secretive internet user, invented bitcoin in 2008 before it went online in 2009. Many attempts to identify Satoshi have been made without conclusive proof

What’s it for?

People see value in money free from government control and the fees banks charge; as well as the blockchain, to verify transactions. Bitcoin has been seen as a tool for private, anonymous transactions, and it’s the payment of choice for drug deals and other illegal purchases

Is it worth anything?

Yes. As of December 2017, there were around 16.7m bitcoins in circulation. Each was worth around $14,000 after a recent high of close to $20,000 for a market value of $230 billion.

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