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Welcome to the Milton Keynes .NET user group.

This is a group for anyone based around the three counties (Beds, Bucks and Herts) to meet up and talk about Microsoft .NET technologies.

There are no firm plans for the group yet so I think it would be great to find out the level of interest people have on this, and then moving on to something more formal. Ideas are very welcomed here. If you work with .NET technologies or anything related, feel free to get in touch and suggest talks of around 20 minutes per slot.

Would also be awesome to have some "Lightning Talks" of about 5 minutes each. Right now, it would also be great to get some suggestions of locations we can meet up. Ideally somewhere we can use on a regular basis to get the momentum going.

Wanna speak?

Fill up this form (https://www.infiniforms.io/view/mkdotnet)

Twitter: @DotMiltonKeynes (https://twitter.com/dotmiltonkeynes)

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Kenzie Whalen-Dunn

Online event

We are delighted to have Kenzie Whalen joining us for a talk on the Uno platform!

About the talk:
Today's users expect to be able to access their apps from multiple platforms but deploying to mobile, desktop, and web can be challenging even for team of experienced developers. The Uno Platform allows developers to quickly develop and deploy to Android, iOS, UWP, MacOS, and WebAssembly using a single shared codebase written in C# and XAML.

We'll go over the basics of developing with the Uno Platform, how Uno works under the hood, walk through some code, and see an app running live on all five platforms.

About Kenzie:
Kenzie is a software engineer at Education First in Boston, MA where she works primarily on the client facing website. Kenzie is also a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies and has a passion for all things .NET. When not writing code, Kenzie can be found cooking new vegan recipes or befriending the closest dog.

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Durable functions in .NET Lunchtime Talk

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