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Killer Queen @ Up Down
Let's have a little end-of-year game party! The Up Down, a barcade, has a Killer Queen cabinet. For the uninitiated, it's a five-on-five competitive game that plays in rounds and is easy to learn but hellaciously fun to play and meet people! So let's go out and have some fun playing games instead of making them for an evening. Some notes on Killer Queen etiquette: Each team has a queen and four drones. The player at the middle stick plays the queen, and is generally expected to have at least a few rounds experience before they take the role so they know what's going on. They're also typically the player that puts in tokens for their team, so it's common to have incoming players approach the cabinet and drop a few tokens on the dash in front of the queen player as payment for future rounds. Spare cups are handy for this purpose. Speaking of paying for rounds, it isn't uncommon to walk up and throw down several dollars worth of tokens if you expect to play for a long time. It's also natural to be pulled in to fill in an empty spot on a team even if you haven't paid! This is a very social game. And of course, there are tons of games to play if the Killer Queen cabinet becomes overly-occupied. It's a fun place, and we hope to see you there!

Up Down

615 E Brady St · Milwaukee

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