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Biplane Blitzkrieg - Design & Development

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Let's meet and work on the game concept we've started! Attendees listed here are expected to attend, others may join if they feel that they would like to contribute.

This meetup will start and end promptly at the times listed.

If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let the organizer know ahead of time. Regardless of whether you are attending, please RSVP so the organizer knows. If you aren't on this list and wish to get involved, let me know!

Please note that this meetup is solely for this project. Please do not bring in other work to show off unless it is relevant to what we are doing, so as to focus on the task at hand.


Joe B - Project Manager, Lead Design, Lead Programmer
Paul D - Concept Art, Character Design
Steve G - Menu Creation, Sound Effects
Kevin C - Music


Joe B - Technical Documentation (World & Radar Design), Radar Development, Experiment with world creation

Paul D - World Concept Art, Character Portraits

Steve G - Menu Creation, Sound Effects

Kevin C - Music


1. Current State of Project (5 Minutes)

• Recap prior discussions, project status.

2. Music (10 Minutes)

• If Kevin has created any scores, we'll review them. Otherwise, we'll discuss music for reference. We may establish how many musical scores are needed and where they'll be placed.

3. Title Screen Prototype (10 Minutes)

• Steve will show a prototype title screen menu.

4. New Concept Imagery (15 Minutes)

• Paul will show any new concept art that has been created.

5. Game Mechanics (10 Minutes)

• Joe will show the latest updates to how the game works.

6. Sound Effects (10 Minutes)

• Steve will present any sound effects he has edited.

7. Game World Creation (10 Minutes)

• We'll discuss the varying approaches to creating a level of the game, and try to establish which approach to take.

8. Work Session (* Minutes)

• We'll work on the game as a group.

9. Assignments (10 Minutes)

• Assignments will be given out based on what's discussed.

10. Next Meeting Scheduling (5 Minutes)

• Based on how much is assigned, the next meetup will be scheduled. For a ballpark estimate, I think it would be good to meet every two to three weeks.