Making Sense of Data Science via a Metromap & Lightning Talks

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Good morning collaborators,

Our last meetup was an excellent meetup. The future of the group is taking shape. With your direct and personal investment and contributions, this group will evolve into its ideal form. We learned a lot about what we want last night.

It is simple

We want to learn, and we will do it by pooling our individual expertise, and sharing it (Kurt phrased it much more eloquently).

Meetings will occur 10-12 months per year with a focus on maintaining momentum. We touched upon what day, and sticking with the same day for each event is great, but maybe not Fridays when people are more likely to be out of town. For sake of planning, I am proposing that we meet up on the 1st Monday of every month, starting with this meeting on[masked]. Same time, 0600PM-0800PM, same place, at SpiderLogic, same diet, Toppers. This leads us to our plan for the next meet up.

It will be fun and valuable

30m: Becoming a Data Scientist – Curriculum via Metromap (

• Answers the question: "What does it mean to be a data scientist?" (and more)

• Group led discussion and presentation by Tom

• This has the potential to go far beyond 30m and will likely continue to be explored in future meetup!

• You may find the image here, too (

45m: Lightning Talks (

• Answers the questions:

• What do we want to learn?

• What do we want to share?

• How do we want to do it?

• Discussion and presentations led by all members individually

• Each member given 5 minutes to present

• Measure of success:

• Share with other members our interests, philosophy, and values

• Create a backlog of topics to cover in the form of brief discussions, lightning talks, 30m talks, entire meetups, team projects, and coding camps (and more)

• The backlog is initially created here (

• Thanks for Jacob's suggestion of a Google Document to track it

• Was faster for to create it here

• Assuming everyone has a github account

• If you do not

• Then send me your notes if you like

• Else just send a pull request

All interactions are a form of entertainment, in some way shape or form. What we are striving for, though, are valuable interactions with our peers via direct and inter-personal contributions. We will start out as guests of others company, and we will grow into collaborators.

If you know anyone who you think would be a great guest and collaborator, then be sure to pass on news of this event to them, too! You may easily to so by

• Sending them a link to this event on our home page (

• Sending them a link to this announcement on our github page (

• Forwarding this announcement from your email

• Via a subtle yet moving interpretive dance

Kind regards,