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Sit+Connect+Experience Meditation Class~Satsung
In this group every week you will receive the "cheat" that shifts the neurobiology of the brain to Awaken. This "cheat" or deeksha deepens one's meditative practice, moves you into a higher state of consciousness and unify you with the Oneness experience. Are you tried of playing the ego games, listening to the incessant chatter of the mind and the feeling of anxiety, conflict or resistance? Then it's time to try something different which has worked for thousands of people all over the world. Join me on this journey of growth to feel better, be better and life better.


4927 N. Lydell Ave. · Glendale, WI

What we're about

Come and enjoy weekly meditation groups. These groups explore and cultivate our personal relationship with oneself and the Divine, Higher Sacred Self through various teachings, meditations, contemplations and receiving of deeksha or a transition of energy for the brain shift into a calmer/beautiful state. We explore the inner world within our own heart-space, where the connection to this higher intelligence resides and work to release obstacles and wounds that can hinder a stronger relationship with whatever the Divine means to you. These groups are open to anyone, from any religion or on any path, with any background. These groups incorporate teachings, practice and processes. These come from a spiritual school in India called the O&O Academy. Their mission is to help all of humanity awaken into universal oneness with the Divine and free humanity of suffering. These teachings are universal in nature and the Oneness Deeksha/Blessing is simply a transference of Divine energies to help a biological shift in the brain take place, to move the receiver into higher states of consciousness. For more information on the O&O Academy, see the link below.

Meditation Class

Sunday at 12-1:30

Yogaloft 4927 N Lydell Ave., Glendale, WI (upstairs in Crossfit 100)

Tippecanoe Church Meditation Group with Donna Stelter and Carol Zippel, Oneness Trainers.

Tuesday evenings: 6:30 - 8:00pm *Donations appreciated to cover room rental cost

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