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Open Talk & What's new and exciting in PHP 5.3

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First part: Open Talk
After the great response we had to last meetup's open talk, we're going to do it one more time. This time it's on a Monday - so we're hoping to have even more of a crowd. Aaron will facilitate introductions and the floor will be open to most dicussions. Last meetup we spoke about what was most challening, where each member was in their PHP knowledge, what was some new exciting projects they were working on and more.

Second part: Joel Clermont presents
Title: What's new and exciting in PHP 5.3?

Overview: PHP 5.3 is over a year old, yet many developers have been slow in moving to it. What are they missing out on? This talk will take a deep dive into three new features of 5.3 and show interesting use cases for each. The first topic will group together three very similar and overlapping features: lambdas, anonymous functions and closures. The second feature we will discuss is namespaces, a topic of heated debated prior to 5.3's release. The final topic of discussion will be late static binding.

6:00p.m. Bucketworks - remember - new schedule - SECOND MONDAY AND FORTH TUESDAY