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Ace the Interview & Group Coding

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Special Announcement (meeting details below)

This month's sponsor - Insight Talent Solutions - is sponsoring an event next month that you may be interested in.

“Join Insight Talent Solutions ( on May 19th for our upcoming Lunch & Learn: Focus Group, a Recruiter Roast (, at the Iron Horse Hotel! Enjoy lunch on us and share everything that’s on your mind about Recruiters (the good and the bad - don't worry, we can take it).

Simply fill out the form here ( to let us know you're interested in participating. Hurry, space is limited!”

May Meeting Details

Ace the Interview - With Aaron Saray

In this new segment we hope to have each month, a volunteer will participate in a short interview in front of the group. Aaron will ask a few questions of the interviewee, based on the month’s theme, and then we’ll review the answers together. We’ll talk about why interviewers ask those specific questions, and how to showcase your skill and competence through thoughtful answers. The goal is to have a friendly, constructive time each month for our community members to practice, sharpen and hone their interview skills to ace the interview and land that dream job.

Group Coding
May will also feature the return of group coding - a perennial favorite. Presented with several coding challenges, one member acts as the human keyboard armed with an IDE, while the rest of us tell that dev what to type. It's really fun batting around different solutions as a group - and you may learn a thing or two in the process! Be amazed (or alarmed) by the ways your fellows think!

We'd like to thank this month's sponsor, Insight Talent Solutions, for providing food at the meeting.