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Pagans in MKE deserve a Meetup! This group is all about fellowship, fun, and getting together with like-minded souls. Pagans, witches, heathens, and all good folk who are interested are welcome to this meetup. This group celebrates diversity and welcomes the LGBTQ community.

Neopagans - Druids- Wiccans - Heathens - Asatru - New Age

Upcoming events (3)

Summer Solstice Sunrise Ritual at Lake Michigan

Veterans Park

Greet the Solstice Sun at Lake Michigan! Join us for a DAWN ritual on the shore of Lake Michigan, in Milwaukee. This will be a simple ritual followed by breakfast at a restaurant. More details to come.

2019 Pagan Pride Festival - Fellowship of Alternative Beliefs

Beginning the day at noon is the Pagan Town Hall Meeting where the year's accomplishments are recapped and interests and future events are discussed. There will be a variety of vendors selling herbals and potions to books and jewelry. Tarot Readings and Palmistry will be available. The food offered is good, homemade and inexpensive! Free workshops are scheduled throughout the afternoon. The day ends with ritual at 6:00pm by Wade M. from Deeply Rooted.

Madison Pagan Pride Day - FIELD TRIP

Winnequah Park

Let's send an envoy of MKE pagans to Madison Pagan Pride Day! We'll carpool to the event where we'll network with the pagans in the SE Wisconsin area. More details to come, or you can visit the Madison Pagan Pride FB page. https://www.facebook.com/madisonareappd/

Past events (7)

Druid Beltaine

Lake Kegonsa State Park

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