Lazy River Tubing on the Sugar River @ Sweet Minihaha Campground


This was one of our favorite summer events! Grab a swim suit, some libations, and let's head down to the Sugar River for a day full of tubing, sun, and fun!!!

Never done lazy river before? Here is how it works: We pack up some coolers with food and drinks (NO GLASS!!!), drive to the launching point, get inner tube rafts (and small ones for the coolers), and then float gingerly down the river enjoying the weather and company! Sound stupendous? You bet it does!

Cost is $15/person for tubing (with free shuttle back to the camp grounds) and $5 for each cooler tube.

The drive is about 1.5-2 hours each way, and the tubing lasts 3-4 hours. Plan to spend the full day with us. We are going to coordinate carpooling and will post those details later.

What you should bring:

Bathing Suit/Change of Cloths/Towel(s)/Sandals-Water Shoes

Lunch-Food (suggest you put it in a Zip Lock bag to avoid sogginess)

Beverages (cans and plastic bottles ONLY, NO GLASS, alcohol is ok)

Sunscreen/Sun Glasses/Bug Spray/Other Beach-Sun Personal Items

NOTE: Please pack food and drink for you only. While it is nice to share, we may have limited cooler space. Remember that you are going to be in the middle of a river in the sun, so hydrating liquids are as good of an idea as alcoholic ones.

Last, this will be a weather dependent event. We will check in on the forecast for southern Wisconsin the week of and confirm the trip.

This will be a great time!