#MKESitecoreUG: April Meeting - Leveraging SXA and Personalization Integration



5:30 - 6:00pm -- Food, refreshments, networking

6:00 - 6:10pm -- Intro and Announcements from Organizers/Sponsors

6:10 - 7:05pm -- Presentation # 1 - Leveraging SXA to Empower Large Organizations

7:05 - 8:00pm -- Presentation #2 - Personalization and Integration Unleashed!


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Video links will be provided in the next couple of days after the event.

Presentation #1:

Leveraging SXA to Empower Large Organizations

Large organizations often struggle with managing multiple sites effectively, as well as responding to market changes quickly. The capabilities of SXA present an opportunity to empower a large marketing organization to manage multiple sites more efficiently, create entirely new sites quickly and make large styling changes without the assistance of developers. This presentation will show how to make it all happen!


Jason Wilkerson

Jason (@longhorntaco) is a Technology Evangelist at RBA, Inc., a Sitecore Platinum Partner. In 2016 and 2017, he had the honor of being selected as a Sitecore Technology MVP, primarily due to his commitment to the Sitecore Community as a speaker, blogger and thought leader.

Jason's passions lie deep in architecture and technology. With an unrivaled eye towards quality and elegance, he strives to make every customer's solution the most intuitive and maintainable it can possibly be - not only from a technical standpoint, but also from the user's perspective. With almost two decades of experience building enterprise-class software, as well as leading teams of developers, project managers, business analysts and quality assurance testers, he's been able to assemble an impressive list of successful projects, leaving nothing but satisfied customers behind him.

In his free time, Jason is also an avid singer, guitar player and bassist. From a very early age, the same passion that has driven him in technology, has driven his love for music and the honing of his talents. It is this creative outlet, he believes, that provides a unique perspective in the realm of technology. His training and education in computer science provides the foundation for the engineering side of software, but his creative nature serves as the backdrop for creating intuitive, user-centric, customer solutions.

Presentation #2:

Personalization and Integration Unleashed!

Come learn how to implement Sitecore Personalization! First, learn a few basic, yet powerful examples. Then, deepen your knowledge all the way to deep integration with third-party APIs.

This presentation provides great business value in time savings for users, marketing teams and for developers. Learn modern best practices for building more user friendly personalization conditions. Not only making it easier for developers, but more importantly, easier for the content editors/marketing team. Enable your marketing team to personalize content based on hundreds of new data points.

Learn how to maximize your integration efforts between existing applications (Sitecore or any other application) and any other third-party API's and systems. Start with just a few basic samples all the way to deep integration with third-party APIs, many of which you've likely never heard of. Leverage and future-proof these in your solutions, while keeping up with the future wave of ASP.NET (http://asp.net/) Core and other technology shifts.

Customers want to maximize their investment in customization and integration. Learn how to save money by increasing maintainability and reusability . Write the right code, the right way, the first time, to provide the most reusability across all of your solutions and all of the Sitecore Experience Platforms integration points. Just step back and think about it before you code.

Learn about numerous third-party API's - over 40+ with and without Sitecore

Learn how to minimize the impact of API changes and maximize code reusability across - Sitecore 7.2, 7.5, 8, WinForms, ASP.NET (http://asp.net/) and ASP.NET (http://asp.net/) Core 1.

Learn how to embed, integrate and compile code from within content.

Learn how to recognize when and how they should abstract their code into reusable components.

Introduction to ASP.NET (http://asp.net/) Core 1 (formerly ASP.NET (http://asp.net/) 5)

Best Practices / Lessons Learned while building Advanced/Reusable Third Party API Integration Technologies


David Walker

David Walker is a Sitecore 2015 Technology MVP and Senior Sitecore Architect for Layer One Media. He has over twenty years of experience in application development and lifecycle management with over eighty percent of that as a consultant. He has been an MCP since 2003, MCAD and MCSD since 2005 and was a Microsoft MVP - ASP/ASP.NET (http://asp.net/) from July 2007 - July 2009, before he joined Microsoft as a Senior Application Development Manager where he mentored numerous Fortune 100 companies on full Application Lifecycle Management and Software Development best practices.

He has delivered over one hundred presentations, including events like: Microsoft TechEd, VSLive! Dallas, VSLive! Austin and numerous User Groups, CodeCamp's, TechFests and other community conferences.

He has been the Chairman of the region's largest and highly successful technical training event, just finishing its eleventh consecutive successful year, TulsaTechFest.com. He is the founder and current President of the Houston Sitecore User Group. He was formerly a board member for INETA (Vice President, Speakers Bureau), President of the Tulsa Developers .NET users group, founder and President of the Tulsa SQL Server Group and Tulsa Java Developers Group, and Vice President of the Tulsa SharePoint Interest Group.

Since writing his first SharePoint assembly in 2004, he has been focused on Enterprise/Web Content Management Systems. He has been sold on Sitecore, since deploying his first 5.1 solutions and gaining his 5.3 certifications in 2007. He has worked with numerous CMS systems (proprietary, commercial and open source). He has worked on very high traffic eCommerce sites, including one with a daily sales volume record of over six million dollars and over one and half million microsites.