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Remember the old TV show What’s My Line? Tonight

YOU get to be Bennett Cerf or Arlene Francis as you try to guess What’s My Wine? Tom will pour about 10 wines each in a paper bag. As you taste each one, Tom will talk about what makes each unique and a good representative of the varietal such as flavors, finishes and taste. Then you can take a guess (not out loud) what kind of wine it is – Riesling or Viognier? Merlot or Chianti? Syrah or Pinot Noir? Tasting wine this way, you have no pre-conceived notions like “I don’t like Chardonnay” or “I don’t drink red wines.” Tom then reveals the varietal, country, winery, year and cost. It’s not a competition – just a new, fun way to “see” wines. It could even change your mind about wines.


will give you lots of information and more wines that are available in the Milwaukeeland area to buy or enjoy at a restaurant. We’ll add snacks for before and during the Workshop, Bottled Water (1/person), a Cold Buffet (cheeses/sausages/fruit/ veggies) served around 8:30pm and coffee. Come be on the panel for What’s My Wine?Facilitator: Tom Vaughan, CSW
Cost: $25.00
Registration Deadline: July 21

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