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Welcome to the meditation support group that you've been looking for!

C.A.L.M stands for Conscious Awareness Life Meditation. Its a meditation technique that can help you be more consciously aware in every day life. There is an open-eye meditation technique that you can use in every day life which can help you have more calm, confidence and clarity and there is a closed-eye meditation technique that can be used for traditional meditation 'sittings'.

There are introduction to Mind Calm sessions held every Sunday afternoon. Sessions for regulars( those that have attended an intro.) are also held every two weeks on a Sunday afternoon. The focus of the sessions for regulars is on Present Awareness Living through CALM meditation.

There is no jargon, no rituals, no strict rules, no uncomfortable sitting positions, and absolutely no judgement as to where you're at. Just a simple, easy-to-learn, fun set of practical techniques that allow you to let go of the constant chatter happening in your mind. In doing so, the Calm Meditation technique can help you to worry less, sleep better, improve your relationships and live more in the present moment which enables you to live fully and completely!

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I have lived my life alongside a very controlling mind, that would take me to places I didnt wish to visit and caused ongoing stress, effecting my health. My wish in life was to have a volume control for my mind and Mind Calm made this a reality.

As my practice developed and my passion for Mind Calm grew, I discovered the key to a calm and peaceful life is through Present Awareness Living and I try to inspire others who see this as their destination.

I am a qualified Mind Calm & Body Calm coach and continue my development in this field by ongoing research and learning, which incorporates all areas and practices of meditation as well as mental/emotional health and well-being.

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