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I am Shannon Stockwell, a physician assistant, wife, mom, trauma survivor, and trauma-informed advocate. I am going to be bringing you various healing tools to help you become truly embodied and to start living your life from a place of presence instead of resistance. Sometimes, we need to accept where we are, come back into our bodies and feel what is there, before we can truly make strides on our healing journey. I am a firm believer in connection for healing ... which is why the group setting can be truly remarkable.

There will be various groups as part of my circle - and all healing circles have power because to really heal trauma, you must SHOW UP and BE SEEN. Whether it's about mind-body skills, intuitive eating, self-compassion, or other topics, I am so excited to bring this to you!

A little about my past and why I love group work: I grew up feeling like I didn't belong in my family. I was a very sensitive, quiet, intelligent, overweight child...all things I was criticized for. My family has a long line of mental illness and substance abuse. I started isolating myself and decided at an early age I would get out when I could. I stuck my face in books, escaping to fantasy worlds to keep myself sane. But what this meant is that I never truly felt my feelings. Even when my mom died when I was 12, I kept going, starting at a new school just a few days later. No one in my family had the emotional capacity to hear or see me, let alone accept a grieving, confused, hurting child. No one really paid attention. I basically learned to not be seen, that I was unimportant. I lived my life this way, engaging in a truly unhealthy, abusive marriage and other coping measures until I found the strength to leave in my mid-30s. Looking back, I know it wasn't their fault. This trauma is passed down in families and learned through families.

Finally, I met my current husband. He wanted to see and hear me and yet, it was too painful to be seen. I had a very hard time looking in his eyes despite his reassuring words. He would look at me with intensity and I just could not stand it because it was a foreign sensation to really be seen and accepted. I tried various modalities, but they all seemed surface level. I tried to think my way out of it. But I learned that trauma can be lodged in the body so I learned about breathwork which started a big opening for me. Then in 2018 and early 2019, I was training with the Center for Mind Body Medicine and during my advanced training, I was held in the safety of this amazing group of women. It was then, in the group setting, that my healing really started to flow. I saw the awesome true healing nature of connection. My inner strength grew out of the seeds of the love I felt. Finally, I started being able to experience my husband's love, my children's love, and the appreciation of my patients. Group work was beyond anything I expected. Just when I thought we were all different, I realized how much the same we were. For too long I isolated myself, thinking I wasn't good enough. I tried to do it alone and it didn't work. You don't have to do this alone. In fact, if your trauma was relational, I believe you CANNOT heal it alone. Reach out. I will be setting up more and more groups and cannot wait to have you be part of one.

One caveat: While I do believe stories are powerful, more powerful are the lessons learned and gifts received from the experiences of our past. My therapist once said to me, "No one should have to go through what you did. But now that you did, you have superpowers and get to use them to serve others." Dwelling in the past is not what we will do in these groups. This is not, in any way, condoning abuse or other painful events. Obviously, sometimes there is trauma that needs to surface and together, we can see it through a new lens. You couldn't control what happened to you but you did get SOMETHING out of it. Together, we will find that something.

And if this feels like too much, I encourage you to find a qualified therapist to work with concurrently for times when things do surface that are painful. I honestly wish I had done that during my first training. I was an emotional mess as I was unpacking being seen for the first time...I couldn't stop crying and had so many strong emotions come up that we completely new to me. It doesn't mean you can't be part of the group; just that you may need additional support to process the painful stuff that might come up. I highly encourage you to find someone to help you through this if needed.


Shannon :)

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Women's Connection Group: Getting UNSTUCK - Are you depressed, lonely, isolated?

Women's Group - must RSVP so I make sure the space is set up. :) If you feel isolated, alone, depressed, or stuck - you are not alone. You are in the right place. I have been there. Maybe you get up each day and go to work, only to get home, look around and wonder, "Isn't there more?" Maybe you have a family who depends on you and you feel like you keep letting them down. Maybe you have an amazing partner and yet your connection with him or her is lacking. Maybe you wish you had an amazing partner with whom to share you life and yet, no matter what you've done, you just cannot seem to find that special person. Maybe you've tried everything - different medications, diets, functional medicine, psychiatry, therapy, exercise, talking to friends, more self-care, and so on...only to run on empty. Maybe you've spent thousands on programs that didn't work, thinking, "this is it, this has to work," only to be left feeling even more depressed & isolated when their cookie-cutter program didn't work for your beautiful & unique self. What if you could learn to really listen within to that still, small voice? What if the answers were inside of YOU, not some cookie-cutter program, physician who doesn't listen to you, or therapist you've been going to for years and nothing has changed. Maybe you're looking in the wrong spot, beautiful woman. Please note, this is a support group where the intention is to help you see you are not all alone. Connection is KEY in healing. We may also learn some skills like meditation or journaling that can be helpful. This does not replace mental health advice or counseling. Your participation in the program is consent that you will seek appropriate care if needed. If you need mental health referrals, I can help you with that as well. All you need to bring is an open mind and a beverage if you'd like. Layer clothes if you get warm or cool. This is an experiential, heart-centered connection. You are free to take notes, but what I have found is that true experiencing of the event is what tends to sit in your awareness. And it's in these times when you're not distracted by writing things down, certain things you need to hear most resonate with you. Investment is $5 for the group. I value you and I want you to value yourself and honor your commitment to take the time to show up here for yourself. Please do not call the office as this is a private event and the space was graciously provided to me to do this group for very low-cost. You may message me through meetup if you have any questions. Thanks. :)

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