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This meetup is dedicated to exploring our 'Deeper Cravings' and the emotional and spiritual hungers that lead to disconnecting with our bodies. We look at how the 'practice of presence' (becoming more awake in the present moment) through mindfulness, meditation, mindful & intuitive eating, practicing gratitude/compassion for the body & personal reflection through journalling and art can lead to happier, healthier and more connected lives which in turn can lead you closer to your own body's optimal healthy state. This meetup will host discussion circles, workshops and retreats focused on learning to integrate specific skills and daily practices to form a deeper connection with the body. Once we are truly connected to our body we are better able to listen and respond to its signals and ultimately this results in healthier behaviors, healthier bodies and more fulfilled lives. This meetup is for anyone who has had enough of chaotic and emotional eating, overeating, yoyo diets, worrying about their weight, body weight and beauty obsession and who is ready to explore a more gentle and kind path to a healthy body. In addition to meetups focused on the body, there will also be a portion of our meetings dedicated to the more general topics of presence, spirituality and health. For added support between meetups be sure to 'like' our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/deepercravings and follow the blog at http://www.deepercravings.com

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