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Acupuncture and Sound Healing Meditation
Acupuncture and Sound Healing Meditation with Christie Kern and the sound sisters, Kari & Carrie. Exchange: $40 in advance $50 at the door (if seats are available). We’re partnering two meditative tools to bring you the ultimate Zen experience. The divine sound meditations are inspired by ancient sound-healing practices from Tibet. Singing bowls resonate beautiful tones that flow and fill the space, creating a deeply peaceful atmosphere that feels as if one is bathing in sound. The vibrations and sounds of the bowls resonate into every cell of your body and promote healing. Acupuncture offers divine healing by harmonizing your systems, releasing stress and connecting you with your Source. You will be relaxing in reclining chairs, receiving a simple and profound acupuncture treatment while enjoying the meditative experience of singing bowls. Please wear comfortable clothes and arrive a few minutes early. Seating is limited, so be certain to reserve yours today!

Racine Community Acupuncture

10502 Northwestern Avenue · Franksville, WI


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