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This group is about utilizing the power of the mind through NLP, Hypnosis & Meditation to overcome the mental blocks and stress patterns that affect our body and vitality. I'll be changing the title to reflect the refocusing of this group to: NLP Hypnosis & Natural Health Vitality.

I am passionate about sharing natural health remedies and the tools and resources that empower you to create your healthy lifestyle and heal naturally. In my twenties I certified as an herbalist, knowing how to use natural supplements and the amazing plant life all around us to ease the flu, speed healing, and support your body's natural abilities for health and healing. I love herbal uses and it can make a big difference in your health and energy.

Later, I certified in NLP Health Coaching and Hypnotherapy which takes a deeper look at mind body interactions on health and wellness. We recognize that the brain picks up habits, patterns and mental blocks that can interfere with our body's ability for balance and health.

I share local classes, community events and resources in line with maximizing your brain and body for health and wellness and I hope that you'll join me.

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Message me if you have a topic to share or a topic you'd like to hear more about.

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Hosted by Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer

My story: I was a professional backpacker and didn't have a problem with weight. But then I went back to school and was no longer hiking and I gained about 40 lbs. and went up to a size 14 (from a size 10).

Then I found the Mind Body tools and I tried them out on myself - and I lost 50 lbs and went down to a size 6! I did it without calorie counting, dieting or starving myself or exhaustive exercise (or even any exercise).

From my experience and teaching healthy lifestyle classes, I wrote the book, "A Lighter You! Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body", plus a nutrition guide " A Lighter You! Health Coach's Guide to Nutrition in Action" and I created "A Lighter You Mind Body Weight Loss" 6 Hypnosis CD set.

Misinformation is rampant in the diet and weight loss industry and even very popular approaches to weight loss are outdated and set you up to fail! Most programs focus on counting calories, or eat this not that and they totally miss the REAL reasons - the mental patterns wired into your brain.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, and through the years by applying principles of healthy eating, plus stress reduction techniques, and changing mental blocks, stress habits and addressing past traumas, I regained my brain and body balance and I'm happy to say I'm medication free and back to do ing all the adventure and skiing that I was told I could no longer do.

There are specific things you can do to help your body heal and repair and utilize the mind-body connection to your advantage for your recovery and your health.

I love sharing the tools and resources for you to find your brain and body balance and enhance your body's own abilities for natural healing.

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