What we're about

You may have heard that women face pay discrepancies. (21% in Germany!) Did you also realize that pay gaps leave us with lifetime pension and wealth gaps? It's time for women to own their financial futures!

Mind the Gap is a registered nonprofit e.V. group, and we're building a financial education platform with events in Germany, Poland and beyond.

We all have different types of goals, lifestyles, ambitions, worries and ideas – but we have one thing in common: we want to know more about finance, wealth management and financial freedom. Our mission is to getting women to their financial and investment goals, together!

We stand for:

· closing the gender-based salary gaps, investment gaps and wealth gaps

· helping women to increase their financial confidence

· helping women to demystify the terms and concepts used in the financial world

· getting women closer to their financial goals

· focusing on "best practices" in everything from budgets to ETFs

· sharing worries and experiences with other women

We host a series of networking events, seminars and workshops. Everyone is welcome at the all the events. We love new members and hope you will benefit from this group!

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We need supporters and sponsors, so if you want to get more involved, please get in touch: hallo@mindthegaphub.com

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INFO SESSION Q&A: Boost your motivation & achieve your goals with a Success Team

**IMPORTANT: Please read these slides in advance and come to the event with any questions you may have: https://www.slideshare.net/TinoEngel/success-team-a-way-to-achieve-your-goals-and-dreams ** To make your dreams come true you need more than just desire. When challenges arise, self-doubt kicks in and motivation vanishes. What you need in those moments is a group of people, of partners, of friends who can support and encourage you. In other words, you need a SUCCESS TEAM. A success team is a group of four people plus a coach that meet every 14 days for two hours to support each other in a variety of ways*: - Support you over an extended period to keep going when times get tough. - Encourage you when you run into inevitable problems, setbacks and fears on your journey towards your goals. - Listen to your worries and thoughts in moments when you need someone. - Provide invaluable new perspectives, generate new ideas, and inspire you. - Hold you accountable where you otherwise might “just do it another day“. - Benevolently push you out of your comfort zone to learn, grow, and succeed. The team members can vary in professional and personal backgrounds, which brings diverse perspectives to the group. This makes it suitable for anyone who’s seeking support to achieve goals, has an open mind, and is ready to give (support) and take (experience support). The first SUCCESS TEAM will start after summer vacation and will be moderated by expert business trainer, Tino Engel. It will take place over three months and members will meet every 14 days in the early evening (six meetings, 12 hours in total). The first meeting will be in person while the following ones will be held online (unless decided otherwise by the team itself). During each meeting, every team member will have the chance to share successes and challenges as well as receive feedback and new ideas. You’ll leave each session with clear action steps and a boost in motivation. For the very first cohort, we’re offering this SUCCESS TEAM at a special price (50 % discount). Your feedback and input will help us create something magical that we can offer to all our members. The special offer price for participation is only €240 for 3 months (2 meetings per month; 2 hours each; 12 hours in total). This info and Q&A session is completely FREE OF CHARGE and open to anyone interested in learning more. Come along, connect with like-minded people and potentially new teammates, meet your coach Tino Engel and ask all your questions before you decide to join a SUCCESS TEAM. **IMPORTANT: Please read these slides in advance and come to the event with any questions you may have: https://www.slideshare.net/TinoEngel/success-team-a-way-to-achieve-your-goals-and-dreams ** ** ABOUT YOUR HOST: Tino Engel helps teams to become smarter decision-makers, more effective communicators, and improve teamwork through training, workshops, and talks. More information at www.tinoengel.com. ** *The idea of a success team comes from Barabara Sher and there are different variations concerning the frequency of meetings, number of team members, and duration of the meeting. More information can be found in her book „Wishcraft“.

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