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Come join us for a mix of online and (future) in-person events and workshops on Mind-Body-Spirit topics. Why limit your knowledge to just one geographic area? We'll feature presenters from all over North America - and, potentially, the world! Because we'll have lots of different online event hosts, you'll get lots of different perspectives all in one place! Look forward to events on;



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Addressing Menstrual Cramps Using Bio-Touch Healing

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Learn How to Address Menstrual Cramps Using Bio-Touch Healing

Bio-Touch is a unique holistic health approach to alleviate pain and stress and support good health through all stages of life. It is taught through the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics a federally approved 501(c)(3) educational and charitable foundation.

We are offering a one-hour online workshop on how to address menstrual cramps using Bio-Touch Healing. This workshop is open to the public. Massage Therapists, Nurses and Doulas can receive 1 Continuing Education Credit on Facebook, just let us know that you are there in the chat.

Our guest speaker will be Paula Taylor of PaulaTaylorEnergy.com. Paula has been practicing energy and bodywork since 2003 and uses a whole-body approach in her many healing practices. She also volunteers her time as a Board member and Scribe of the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics, whose goal is to teach Bio-Touch**.** Paula will talk about menstrual cramps, how they are treated, and how she addresses them in her practice. The basic sets of points that you would need to address menstrual cramps will then be taught by Certified Practitioner/Instructor and IFBM Board President Beverly Wood.

Included in this workshop will be access to an online version of the Training Workbook at https://www.justtouch.com/workbook.

Thursday December 10th at 6:00pm Tucson Arizona Time (MST)

Links for watching:

For more information: www.JustTouch.com/product/health-condition-workshop

Bio-Touch Healing Live/On-Line Practitioner Training

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This is such a profound option & complement for your healthcare, you will notice results immediately!

This holistic, healing touch education program is designed to help everyone learn this integrative healthcare practice. In this training you will learn the entire Bio-Touch technique and experience the loving relationship of Bio-Touch. Taught online by Certified Instructors, you will practice many of the sets of points under the supervision of these trained instructors. By the end of the training, you will know how to use Bio-Touch with family and friends….and notice results!

*NOTE: Bio-Touch is usually practiced by touching another person directly on the skin. In these trainings you will find the points on yourself, and Certified Instructors make sure you are doing it correctly. If you have someone to take the training with you, you will practice the points on them while supervised.

CLASS FEE of $48 includes a training eBook with video links, one year membership, virtual training supervision and appropriate Certificate of Completion. You will receive a registration form, activation of membership and the Training eBook about 1 week before the Training.

REFUND POLICY: Full refund is available up to 7 days before the class minus a $5 administrative fee. There are no refunds after the 7-day limit, however you will receive the membership, training manual and a one-year membership and the opportunity to attend any other training for yourself or someone else.

This training is a pre-requisite for the Certification Training Program.

Class will only be held if there are at least 4 participants.

NURSE, DOULA & MASSAGE THERAPIST can receive 8 CE credits for ONLY $50 more.

Next Training: Saturday, December 10th, from 9:00am to 4:30pm Tucson, AZ time.

SIGN UP AT: Live Online Training Reducing Stress, Pain & Symptoms Bio-Touch (justtouch.com)

Spirit Animals and Intuitive Readings-Crescent Moon Collections Launch Party

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It’s time to connect with your spirit team so you can live spirit guided.

As a celebration of the Crescent Moon Collection Online Community launching let’s come together and connect with our spirit team and learn to trust the guidance we are getting. In this 75 minute gathering everyone will individually connect with a spirit animal of theirs through guided meditations and insights from intuitive medium, Kaileen Cox. Whether you have connected with an animal here before, or this is the very first time, this will be a fun experience for all. We will then break up into groups to practice sharing reading of energy after instruction on how we can all read energy. We will close this celebration with a group reading from Kaileen.

Fee is $10 a person. Free to all Crescent Moon Connections subscribers.
First month is free so sign up today at https://www.awakeninnatehealing.com/plans-pricing

About the instruction:

Kaileen Cox is a fourth-generation intuitive healer. Kai approaches healing from all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit. She received her training as a licensed massage therapist in 2011 and has been working to help people heal physically through a variety of modalities, including Lomi Lomi, Bio-Touch Healing, and Chakra Balancing. Since she was a child, Kai has been able to see spirits and energies and has honed her intuition to be able to communicate with them to help people heal on a spiritual and mental level. She feels that emotional pain and past trauma have as much of an effect on the body as physical discomfort. Kai believes when healing is approached from all aspects equally, it can be innate. As a Intuitive Medium and Spiritual Connector, she feels her life’s work is to help people heal themselves innately, which she does through retreats, readings, guided meditations, classes, and events.

About Crescent Moon Connections:
Are you ready to connect to your inner guidance? Want to bring awareness to the divine magical being you are? Are you looking for healing and growth from this beautiful journey we call life? If yes then this online community is for you! Join Kaileen Cox for mediations, healing, channeling, guided sound and so much more. Whether you plan to attend events live or watch the recording, you know being a part of this group, your spirit team is connected and will give me messages. You may be surprised during a meditation how exactly what you are seeing in that moment is being described or how a sound healing intention is exactly what you are looking for. We are all connected and being in this group is a way to bring awareness and healing. Come see if this is what you have been looking for with a free trial. Once you have selected a pricing plan, you will be added to the Spaces app group where you can see all videos, ask questions and connect directly with Kaileen. All this and so much more available with your membership. https://www.awakeninnatehealing.com/plans-pricing

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Bio-Touch Healing Live/On-Line Practitioner Training

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