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The term 'mindfulness' is a paradox in itself that implies that our mind is full. Full of thoughts. "Mindfulness' is derived from Buddhism where it simply means to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings in order to be in the 'NOW'. Look at these gifts shared in this group as ways to raise your Emotional IQ as we add the motto 'Respond rather than React' into our daily thought patterns.

In this group we experiment and play with different healing, mind-body training, and physical activities that stimulate (w)holistic well-being.

We are a group of international mindfulness practitioners who enjoy sharing the experience of yoga and meditation, as well as many other healing modalities. As little as 15 minutes of meditation can change your emotions, rebuild neural pathways and re-grow gray matter in the brain.Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops, events, and group meditations!

*If you ave any suggestions or recommendations for times and places to share these powerful practices, please contact us! With these small investments in your personal growth, we can continue to share a lifetime of wealth. {wealth + well-being}* YOUR FEEDBACK FACILITATES OUR IMPROVEMENT

How can we infuse mindfulness into our professional and everyday life? Do you find yourself distracted or sluggish in the afternoon? Would you like to learn how to maintain your productivity without the need for coffee? Join us for transcendental meditation, and yoga practice & learn a new way to re-energize your perspective, boost your productivity & re-focus your mind.

The interactive mindfulness development workshops are a mixture of lecture and group interaction. The focus is on improving our professional development through expanding our personal knowledge; Know Thyself. With enhancement of the empowered individual, we find the enhancement of our professional endeavors. The theme that underlies all of our workshops, meditations, yoga & mindfulness practices comes from the Mayan tradition of 'Inlakek Ala Ken' which means, "I am another you; You are another me."

Come and transcend your 'story of me' and find that we have more in common than you think and that separation is just an illusion. Come join us sometime for some food for thought. Or as we like to call it 'Mind Candy'.

**These meetups are in need of a meeting space to hold these events. If you have any suggestions or are willing to host an event, please send a message.**

<<** We also use the GIFT ECONOMY where fair exchange is encouraged (Hint: this means sliding scale). Some events have a price, while others are by suggested donation, but in any case all are welcomed to join**>>

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