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This meetup focuses on meditation, everything is about the facts and truth of human mind. In each session, let's explore what is meditation together. When one knows what is meditation, one will know how to meditate, that is, also, how to live a life.

Mindful Amsterdam is a weekly event organized by Mindiverse to spread the facts about life and help people in some way understand themselves to resolve all kinds of confusion in life. The very way to understand the self is meditation, a journey where everyone has to turn inward.

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Everything discussed in each event is open and always open. You may find all the resources used in the event via https://events.mindiver.se/resource/

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Hello, everyone:

This group is about guided meditation and philosophy. if you are a newbie, you will learn the meditation techniques; if you are an adept meditator, you could join me and do the meditation together.

With proper philosophical thinking, we could cultivate some values via meditation to improve our well-being.

This group is open for everyone and open for any meditation tradition (there is no right or wrong meditation).

Free events are regularly organized for guided meditation, and everyone is welcome to join.

PS: I am Cico (https://hi-it.org), currently doing my PhD in Amsterdam. I am doing philosophy of human mind and computer science. I hope to help more people get on well with and benefit from mindfulness practice. If you are curious about my philosophical thought on mindfulness, you could check out https://mindful.mindiver.se

Recently, I got interviewed by an independent journalist for the mindfulness event. You can find this report here: https://www.advalvas.vu.nl/nieuws/phd-student-teaches-meditation-and-chinese-vu , which nicely summarized my viewpoints without any exaggeration.

Finally, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and enjoys the peace and calm from within.

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Meditation session online: see the truth, act on it, peace and joy (Zoom)

Online mediation Zoom session on Monday at 7 PM. Register to get the Zoom meeting link immediately: http://url.mindiver.se/zoom , you can cancel it anytime. Who needs meditation? 1. Anyone who would like to explore the inner world for freedom. 2. People who cannot stay calm easily for the time being for their well-being. 3. People would like to know the essence of the world, therefore for a deep level of peace. 4. Anyone. Meditation is life, life is meditation, so for anyone who needs to live a life. What is the schedule like? 1. Diverse meditation technique review/explanation (best to watch the 10-min intro videos via https://events.mindiver.se/page/meditation/ if you are very new to meditation). 2. Philosophical exploration into the nature of mind: layman's terms of Zen, Taoism and neurons. 3. Meditate together to quieten the mind. 4. Q&A about meditation, (leave a message during the session, we try our best to answer) The session is broadcast via YouTube: https://url.mindiver.se/youtube-live It is a one-hour session dedicated to meditation and quietening the mind. The event is free of charge, but donation is always welcome to support Mindiverse initiative via this link https://events.mindiver.se/page/donation-ing-url or https://events.mindiver.se/page/support-mindiverse/ Hope this session could bring some stillness and peace to every attendee. If you find this session helpful, please share it with your friends. For the videos of the past sessions, visit Mindiverse YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/mindiverse For the information of the event, check out: https://events.mindiver.se

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