Mindfulness at workplace


(The writing is quite geared toward the business people, which does not represent the speaker's true style of expressing.)

Everything is about our mind, and a healthy mind matters most. However, when we are in a specific environment or situation, it is so easy to get trapped in all kinds of influences and triggers. This also applies to our working environment; we have so much work to do, so many plans to make, so many things to rush out, and we end up in stress, anxiety, burnout, you name it. It is not something we want, but we just cannot stop, can we?

This Mindiverse mindfulness session will be dedicated to this challenge that almost everyone in the workplace is facing. In this mindfulness session, we will sit down to meditate to observe our mind and strike up a philosophical discussion over this issue to raise awareness, which most people are lacking but in dire need of.

The work is always there, but our lifetime is limited. We are all humans and we should live a life as humans, shouldn’t we? Striking a balance between work and life requires wisdom and mental skills, that’s where mindfulness practice comes in.

Duration: 1 hour

Venue/location: https://goo.gl/maps/yYcY29zZYywUuV4A8

Info about the schedule can be found via: https://events.mindiver.se/event/feb-19-2020/

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About Mindiverse:

Mindiverse (https://mindiver.se) focuses on mindfulness and modern spiritual growth. Mindiverse provides service including personal mindfulness training (1 to 1 or small group), customized company mindfulness training, customized transcultural communication for international companies; mindfulness and leadership training.

About the lecturer:

Cico Zhang is a mindfulness practitioner, philosopher of human minds; computer scientist (artificial intelligence) and mathematician. He tackles mindfulness via Buddhist philosophy, neurophilosophy and neural science but without any abstruse terms. He hopes to help more people get on with mindfulness; via mindfulness, he hopes more and more people could understand the nature of human minds and find solutions to their own challenges. His homepage: https://hi-it.org

Joyce Liu is also a mindfulness practitioner, writer and journalist. She would like to pass on the wholesome energy to more people via her writing and expression.