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Many of us became entrepreneurs because we wanted something a little more than what a 9-5 provided. It's not just about the money and notoriety for us but building something that enhances us as people and contributing to the livelihood of others. Yes, some of our jobs provided great benefits and maybe even great pay but we came to the realization that there was more to life than working towards the next promotion or working towards the next raise. The mindful entrepreneur thrives off of building authentic relationships and building a life that is meaningful to him/her.

The mindful entrepreneur focuses their energy and time on problem-solving and figuring out their own voice for their business. The mindful entrepreneur makes valuable connections and learns from others but doesn't try to imitate another entrepreneur. The mindful entrepreneur always brings something to the table which is their own unique self. The mindful entrepreneur understands that life isn't just about work but about learning, growing, connecting, loving and experiencing life on their own terms. The mindful entrepreneur builds work around their lifestyle and not the other way around.

This group of mindful entrepreneurs wants to see you grow and succeed in all your endeavors and encourage you along the way. This isn't a "networking group" because everyday we're networking and connecting with each other naturally. And through these organic connections, you will find that your business will benefit from it as well.

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