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I practice a holistic approach to getting into shape and staying fit and healthy, in your mind and body.
My classes are a fusion of traditional yoga movement and philosophy, breath work and guided meditation, with a twist of remedial Pilates, to help you find a better
Mind – Body – Soul balance

My background was originally in Remedial Pilates, working with women with disabilities or pre/post natal. All of the women that I had worked with had suffered from some form of anxiety and depression, at some point in their life and this is something I could relate to.
I was undiagnosed but suffered from depression since I was 12 years old, luckily, when I was 16 I found meditation and yoga, later discovering mindfulness and Pilates. Throughout my life movement and working with conscious breath, has helped guide me through some really difficult chapters, continuing to be incredible tools to help me have a more consistent, positive relationship with myself and to have a more conscious and grounded experience of life.

The way I train is a mixture of;
remedial pilates - to keep the practice safe and movement functional and strong
yoga - to bring a conscious and mindful approach to the movement and breath
Hiit - to add an increase in the intensity depending on my clients goals

My group classes, small groups and one - to - one sessions are a fusion of the different methods and practices that I have trained in over the last 11 years

As well as running Holistic Exercise classes I will hold space for women's circles.
Mindful exercise and diet are a part of the process of feeling good within yourself, about yourself, but so is community. Having other strong and loving females around you, that support you, that see you.
My wish is to bring women together to celebrate the divine feminine, to celebrate our differences and strengths. When we are vulnerable we are strong and brave and my hope is that by coming together we can help lift some of the shame and guilt we all carry, and instead move forward together, stronger and more confident about the women that we are.

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