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What are you really Hungry For? This is a group for anyone who wants to learn about how to train a new relationship with ourselves inside of Nourishment. Based on the latest research in Neuroscience, psychology, Holistic health and Mindfulness, learn empowering Wellbeing Coaching practices and techniques. In our modern culture, Food has become a tool not just for our physical survival, but our emotional and psychological survival. Over time, many of us deveopled unhealthy survival mechanisms as a response to coping-- coping with stress, with our suffering, and feelings of lack of safety and connection. Most of the time, we are living out our past over and over again. "Food Issues" fall on a spectrum of controlling and resisting. Whether you feel you just 'need to lose those 20lbs;' or suffer from mild to severe Binge eating or Restricting-- all are one, just different external behaviors, different containers of expression with varying degrees of compulsion. It is not about the weight-- It really isn't even about the actual food you eat or don't eat....it is about training a new mindset, retraining the brain and shifting unconscious beliefs and core emotions around food and connection. Learn to develop new habits that cultivate an inner Nourishment, connection and passion.

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