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Your Walk Leader Camilla...is a trained Mindfulness Practitioner with the University of Bangor in Wales and Smart Foundations in Brighton and mindfulschools as a paws.b Teacher. Camilla is an experienced mindfulness practitioner in Belfast ; working in the past year with delivering mindfulness to adults in the community to help to improve people's mood and eating patterns ; Camilla has also delivered mindfulness sessions to patients and carers with Brain Injury; young adults with learning disability and primary school children as part of curriculum. We hope you will be interested in joining our group with some of the mindful walks that will be taking place over the next year of 2017. What is Mindfulness...

Mindfulness is all about "being in the moment" ~ not thinking about the past or the future. It helps us to truly experience life - whatever age we are, whatever our circumstances. With practice we can experience life more positively; though mindfulness is not about ignoring challenging or unhappy thoughts or experiences...it is about experiencing what comes up, helping us to learn about ourselves - though not dwelling on the negative; for the beauty of mindfulness is that each moment can be different...and we can learn to steer our thoughts for the healthiest outcome(s).

Mindful Walking Technique...Mindful walking is done in silence at a slow pace which gives us the opportunity to experience the world around us - we tune in to our awareness of our senses and really experience sight, sound, hearing and touch...e.g. the coolness or warmth of the air on our face.

Quietening The Busy Mind...The slow walking gives us the opportunity to be aware of our often "busy minds" and enables us to gently slow the busy mind down. Our busy mind will always let us know it is there - though we can help to quieten the busy mind the more we practice mindfulness.

Increased Feel Good...Ongoing practice can provide great personal gratitude for what we do have and an increased sense of inner peace.

Mental Wellbeing Improvement...If you are experiencing low level mood, anxiety or depression - mindfulness may be helpful for you; please note my recommendation would be to visit your GP or Mental Health Advisor in the first instance for advice and further appropriate signposting.

Cost...All I ask is, if you can, is that you provide the nominal amount of £2.00 per walk; this ensures that the "Meet Up" site can remain active to promote the walks.
The Walking Group was previously funded by Active Belfast; if more funding becomes available we will let you know.

We look after your Safety on our walks...
Each walk will be checked for safety and easy access within a few days of scheduled walks. There may be occasions a walk will have to cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, path floods etc. - although this would be rare.
Camilla is a trained First Aider and will always have a working phone and basic First Aid kit on site; if you are also trained in First Aid and happy to be a named First Aider for some of the oncoming walks, please let Camilla know. Evidence of an up to date certificate will be necessary.

Looking after yourself...
Please wear appropriate clothing on all mindful walks - walking boots, shoes with a good tred would be recommended as paths we often use are"off the cleared path" routes; also recommended are hats or umbrellas, raincoats etc...as we do walk in the rain if/ when it arrives.

Meanwhile wishing you the reader much happiness & health and mindful moments for the year ahead...
Kind Regards,
Health & Wellbeing Practitioner

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