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Mindful Boston is a practice studio for meditation. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events! More info is at mindfulboston.com (http://www.mindfulboston.com/)

Events are posted here on Meetup 30 days in advance once our teaching staff creates the calendars. We usually offer a free Community Meditation Night, our Level1 program, once per quarter. Our Level2 programs for deepening your knowledge of what meditation is (and is not) are offered twice per year. Our studio of meditation practioners and meditation teachers follow the training pathway listed at https://mindfulboston.com/programs

All of our teachers are vetted for competency (https://mindfulboston.com/the-dark-side) by the senior teaching staff of the Mindful Boston studio.

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For now, Mindful Boston is not offering in-person classes. Podcasts and recorded meditations from our teachers are listed at the listen online page of MindfulBoston.com SCHEDULE So that you can plan ahead, below is a general overview of what our practice studio usually offers through the year when we are not in quarantine! There is a more detailed view on our website at https://mindfulboston.com/upcoming-events If you would like to get an email newsletter once per quarter with Mindful Boston upcoming events, go to our Mailing List Signup page at https://mindfulboston.com/mailinglist WHAT WE DO Our studio teaches meditation skills. As with other studios that might teach dance or karate, you can attend most programs whenever they fit into your schedule. And also, the more advanced trainings have prerequisites. Our tentative schedule for the year is below JANUARY 2020 Community Meditation Nights (CMN) Free event, intro level, no prerequisites. FEBRUARY thru March Bypassing Burnout Workshop at the Cambridge location. Intro level, no prerequisites. MARCH thru May MBSR - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction This is the “Meditator Incubator” at the heart of Mindful Boston's training pathway. Prerequisites: please attend either Bypassing Burnout or the Meditation Toolbox first, feel free to contact us for details. MindfulBoston.com MAY Community Meditation Nights (CMN) Free event, intro level, no prerequisites. also in May, Teacher Training Cohort Aspiring meditation teachers will apprentice with the senior staff of our studio. Prerequisites apply. JUNE JULY ~Teacher Training info sessions See- https://mindfulboston.com/meditation-teacher-training-info for description ~note: our summer schedule is geared towards members of our studio. Public events are mostly on hiatus until fall. AUGUST ~Summer Retreat Our Cape Cod retreat for members and teacher trainees happens on the 2nd Saturday of August each year. SEPTEMBER early-Sept Community Meditation Nights Exact dates for CMNs will be posted here on Meetup during mid-August. CMNs are free, intro level, no prerequisites. Late SEPTEMBER thru OCTOBER Meditation Toolbox Course A structured course about the hows and whys of meditation practice, including when not to meditate! Six weekly classes. Each class is 75 minutes long. We are planning for six Wednesday nights 7pm to 8:15pm in Cambridge starting Sept. Intro level, no prerequisites. NOVEMBER Bypassing Burnout Workshop In this 6 hour retreat day, participants will discover strategies for building strength in relationship to stressors. A Friday in early November 10am to 4pm in Boston Intro level, no prerequisites. Registration will be opened in October. DECEMBER - our holiday break Mindful Boston is a studio for meditation practice. We focus on sustainable learning pathways towards integrating meditation into your real life. It's worthwhile to plan ahead and block off dates in your calendar. Our website is MindfulBoston.com We'll see you in class!

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