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Join us for the Premier tasting of Kombucha at Ganesha Center

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Tasting the first barrel of Kombucha -

Thursday, June 20th @ 6pm!

Join us for music, food, and our first original buucha flavors:

Concord Grape Tart Cherry Maple Vanilla V9 Vegetable Juice ;) Kombucha is world renown as an ancient elixir, known for its many health benefits. Join us with Paul "T" Tijerina, our Nutritional Therapist and kombucha brew-master, as once a month the Ganesha Cafe turns into the "buucha" Lounge.

Our buucha is specially brewed in a charred oak barrel. And because T uses it with his nutrition clients, it is brewed to be low in sugar and loaded with beneficial nutrients and trace minerals that boost immune function, aid in detoxification, improve joint health, and improve digestive function.

Locally Brewed- Buucha is locally brewed in a unique, charred oak barrel, which makes it extremely fresh.
Filtered Water- Our buucha tea is made with Reverse Osmosis and Carbon Filtrated water.
Organic Ingredients- All ingredients are organic, including the organic cane sugar and juices used during the infusion phase and secondary fermentation phase.
Probiotics- Although batches of kombucha tend to have varying species of beneficial probiotics, buucha is made from a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) that has been blended with many different batches of kombucha over 6 years, which we believe adds to it's probiotic nutrient profile.
Trace Minerals- Buucha is infused with unrefined Himalayan Sea Salt and Concentrace (a trace mineral product) at strategic points in the brewing process to make a healthier brew and add to the nutrient profile. Sip flights of the Kombuch flavors of the month, and enjoy savory snacks from Paul T's new Powered by REAL FOOD menu. Party with liked-minded health enthusiasts, and listen to the sounds of local music.