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Angelic Heart Healing Sessions with Diana Christina

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Angelic Heart Healing Sessions

What if... you knew in your heart that Angels were all around you...
What if... you desired to hear their messages, yet they remained a distant whisper ...
What if... a Certified Angel Practitioner were available to assist you.... open your heart chakra, allowing a portal through which the angels can flow their generous sweet loving light so that you may receive with grace and ease, those messages meant only for your ears....

Angels constantly surround us and are always looking for ways to help us.
Angel guidance comes from a place of love, not fear. Angels love us unconditionally
and are willing to help us in all aspects of our life. We just need to ask.

Through channeled messages from the Angelic realm, Angelic healing crystals, and Angel cards, Diana Christina brings forth those messages your angels wish for you to hear. So come open your heart and listen...

1/2 hour sessions = $50

1 hour sessions = $90

Please contact the Ganesha Center at 702-[masked] to schedule your appointment.

Diana's Bio

Diana has been involved in a variety of healing modalities throughout her life, both traditional and non. Her desire to understand the healing of mind, body and spirit have lead her to be trained as a professional registered nurse and a traditional medical doctor. With a deep knowing that there was and is more to healing than can be seen with the ‘eyes’ Diana delved into other forms of holistic care. While Diana recognizes the need for traditional medical care she also has realized the benefits of energy healing which is complimentary to those practices.

Over the years Diana has allowed herself to be to be open to her gifts and she now holds training in a diverse set of healing of modalities: Certified Angel Practitioner, Healing Dove Therapist, Seraphim Blueprint Level VI Practitioner, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, and Reiki level II. Diana is actively pursuing her Doctor of Metaphysical Science and Doctor of Divinity degrees.

Diana believes that one of her strongest gifts is her ability to hear the beautiful messages of the Angelic realm. Join Diana for an Angelic guided healing session. Hear the messages of your Angels and Guides, and feel the depth of the energy that can be transmitted from the divine beings of light.

Diana understands all too well the fear that can arise in someone as they begin their exploration into the world of spirit, guides and being guided. Her gentle and unassuming nature are a perfect fit for both novice seeker and one desiring advanced and resolute guidance on their journey.

Please join her and the Angels of the Divine Realm in a Heart centered session.

****Diana Christina is a Certified Angel Practitioner, Healing Dove Therapist, Seraphim Blueprint Level VI Practitioner Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Reiki level II****


I have had the pleasure of several energy healing sessions with Diana. It is without a doubt a pleasure and an experience. Feeling both uplifted and enlightened afterward, as if a layer has been peeled back and I’ve been invited back into my divine centered self.

Karen A. LMFT

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