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What Made Our Ancestors so Darn Healthy?! and What We Can Do About It.

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Come join me as we take a peek into evolutionary biology, anthropology, archeology, and the works of pioneers who studied indigenous cultures to see what we can learn from how they lived and ate. If you're struggling with real food, and trying to justify some things that Conventional Wisdom tells us to avoid, don't miss this! Topics we will learn about include:

Our heritage as Hunter Gatherers - our digestive systems are geared for nutrient-density. NOT the same old "Paleo" talk! Introduction to Dr. Weston A. Price and the WAP foundation.
The evolution of the modern diet.
Dr. Francis Pottenger and the generational impact of nutrition (or lack thereof). If you are new to this information, it will blow your mind. Encourage people you care about. This tends to be a favorite class for most of my clients.

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The best approach when considering how to move and how to eat is to use the evolutionary clues, ancestral wisdom, left by our ancestors combined with scientific research, studies, and analysis to come up with guidelines for moving and eating that allows our genes to express themselves in an optimal way.

When we speak of “evolutionary clues” or “ancestral wisdom” we are not trying to make a spiritual argument and we are not making any claims about monkey evolving into man. We are specifically talking about the evolutionary clues left by OUR ancestors, specifically the genus homo, which tracks back about 2.3-2.4 million years and brings us all the way up to the present.

It is amazing to think about how long we have been on this planet. Consider that the Neolithic Revolution (which was the beginning of the first agriculture revolution and our transition from hunting & gathering to agriculture & settlement) occurred a mere 10,000+/- years ago. That seems like a long time; HOWEVER, if you look at our entire 2.5 million year history, that is 250 10,000-year periods! So whatever we did over this 2.4 million year period is what shaped our genes and allowed us to be the intelligent resilient beings that we are today.

Just think about it – if our genes evolved over approximately 2.5 million years, and we had NO DETECTABLE INCIDENCE OF CANCER, HEART DISEASE, METABOLIC SYNDROME, or SYNDROME X, then what was it about our ancestors that allowed them to live healthy, robust lives? What did they know that we forgot? What did they do that we stopped doing? If we can mimic the aspects of our ancestors’ lives that forged our genes over this time period, AND COMBINE THIS INSIGHT with what we can learn from scientific research & evidence, we should be able to come up with guidelines that allow us to mimic our ancestor’s health, or even better – and that is exactly what has been proven.

Using this method, it is not difficult to see what our problem is (and hence the solution). It goes without saying that our way of life and lifestyle choices that have brought us to our current situation. But what exactly is it about our current lifestyle and lifestyle choices that have been so detrimental?

About Paul "T" Tijerina

My name is Paul Tijerina. My friends and clients call me “Terina” or “T.” I am a U.S. Military Academy ( graduate, an Army Master Fitness Trainer (MFT), a Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer (CPT), a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association (, a barefoot runner, a natural movement enthusiast, and I am Powered by REAL FOOD.

Together with the people I’ve worked with and learned from over the years, we’ve developed a unique concept that we call being Powered by REAL FOOD. It is based on Ancestral Wisdom, modern science, the experience of my clients and the clients of other practitioners that I follow, as well as a hybrid of truths from several other specific methodologies, all of which have characteristics that are therapeutic for certain situations:

Paleo Primal Weston A. Price Gut And Psychology Syndrome Chris Kresser Paul Chek Ketogenic Alternative Cancer Therapies I’ve pulled the truths and consistencies from each of these methodologies to form guidelines for eating in a way that works in synchrony with our genes, and allows for optimal gene expression. This broad knowledge allows for specific recommendations to treat specific system dysfunction and/or nutritional deficiencies. it also allows for plenty of flexibility for bioindividuality.

Regardless of an individuals goals, whether improved health, improved performance, or addressing specific dysfunction, EVERYONE can benefit from this REAL FOOD approach.

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