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Mindful Taipei’s goal is to make accessible to the foreign community in greater Taipei the Eastern wisdom traditions of Chan/Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, as well as Daoist and yogic health practices, so as to apply them practically, and mindfully, in our busy modern lives.

At Mindful Taipei, we train in mindfulness, meditation, qigong, including in a learning environment that is both accessible and traditionally Eastern. All of our instructors have years of professional experience in both their home countries and Taiwan. Our main teacher is a well-known speaker and writer in the Chinese-speaking world who has trained and lectured extensively in these areas for the last three decades.

Our program attendees span all continents and religious and non-religious backgrounds, and these practical teachings are open to anyone genuinely wishing to lead a constructive and happy life!

Our current activities in Taipei:

Our weekly class focuses on the practical study of mindfulness, meditation, and qigong. Our short-term programs include workshops, courses, retreats and events in the contemplative arts, health practices and training in the Zen and Buddhist traditions.

Subjects have included yoga, meditation, Buddhist philosophy, qigong, tai chi, and Chinese tea. All courses are taught by senior students.

Long term programs include regular lectures, as well as individual training.

First time joining a Mindful Taipei activity? Click on the link below to fill out our registration form. You’ll get an email with all the information you need.

https://goo.gl/eZDjLw (http://bit.ly/1JKJvRu)

*Note: Start...Mindfully is a course designed with members of Taipei’s international community in mind. It is reserved for those who would otherwise have difficulties accessing meditation, qigong or mindfulness courses due to language barriers. We do organize other courses, social activities, humanitarian action events, etc. that are open to all! If you're interested in joining any of our other programs, please check out our Mindful Taipei Facebook page for the latest news and updates of our upcoming events ( http://www.facebook.com/mindfultaipei ) or any other Mindful Taipei organized Meetup events.

**Drug free policy: Anyone who is currently using or trafficking illegal drugs during the duration of their studies with Mindful Taipei are ineligible to join Mindful Taipei courses or workshops. This policy is in accordance with Taiwanese Law and also promotes a healthy foundation for mindfulness practice. We reserve the right to refuse participation, if participants are not able to adhere to this policy. Signed understanding and consent is required for all attendees. If at any time, participants change their minds and are unable to commit to abstaining from drug use while studying, they are welcome to join, however they will be asked to discontinue studies if they are unable to maintain abstinence.

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