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Samhain Kirtan in Glasthule: Sacred Music, Mantras and Meditation
Samhain Kirtan in Glasthule: Sacred Music, Mantras and Meditation All welcome to join us in honoring and celebrating our ancestors at a very special Samhain Kirtan, Sunday 28th October 6:15 - 8pm in Glasthule, south Co. Dublin. At a time when the veil between the worlds of form and spirit is exceptionally thin, as the wheel of the year transitions into its coldest and darkest half, we can be especially empowered to reconnect with those who have gone before us, send our prayers and gather a new sense support, healing and wisdom from our ancestors. An invitation to dive deep with the healing power of our voices through the potent style of Kirtan, devotional singing/chanting. You are invited to the gorgeous CORE studio in Glasthule, next stop from Dun Laoghaire dart station, on the last Sunday of each month from 6:15pm- 8pm. Next kirtan 28th Oct! We will sing from our hearts core, and invite the love in our soul to shine through our expression through the nourishing vibration of mantras and meditation. We will replenish our Light on an individual and collective level and embrace all that we are. We invite you to consider bringing something that connects you to or represents your Ancestors to put on the altar space. Everyone can enjoy the bliss of Kirtan & chanting from the heart with Felicity Ananda. Kirtan is non-denominational, the universal language of Spirit, the song of the Soul. No singing or meditation experience needed just a desire to uplift and nourish your heart and spirit. Felicity will gently guide us through some simple call and response mantras, meditations and chants from around our globe, whilst accompanying us on guitar and harmonium. We will also accompanied on Indian drum. As we dive deeper into the rhythm of each chant, we can co-create beautifully nourishing connections with ourselves and each other, through the vibration of our combined voices, our breath and our hearts. This beautiful gathering will be held on Sunday, 28th October, 6:15pm - 8pm at The CORE Studio, 71-73 Glasthule Rd, Co.Dublin. Just a 5 min walk from Sandycove & Glasthule Dart station. You are welcome to arrive at 6:15pm to 'land' and settle yourself. Through the uplifting and soothing vibration of easy call and response mantras, we can connect within and celebrate our true nature. Felicity invites you to drop into where you are at this moment, and gently allow yourself to be guided into devotional chants and meditations whilst absorbing the power of sound (nada shakti) to replenish you—body, mind, and soul. Felicity Ananda has a passion and devotion for chanting from the heart. Creating a safe, healing, heart and spirit vibration together, we can connect and offer our prayers and intentions out into our Universe using our most powerful tool, our voice. Felicity Ananda is a fully qualified and registered Yoga and Meditation teacher, Homeopath, Usui ® Reiki Practitioner and secondary school teacher. She has been teaching Yoga and Meditation in schools and in the community for over 15 years. These pathways have greatly inspired her to integrate and align her passions into her Kirtan practice. She offers a space to connect with and unleash the potent healing vibrations of the voice, evoking our inner life force, the Guru residing within all of us. 12e /10e concession I'm so looking forward to connecting with you, Felicity

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