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This group meets to discuss getting started with meditation, to share your ongoing progress and experiences with the practice, and to talk through some important life questions about the nature of reality and existence. The approach to meditation utilized is not specific to any one culture, and is not built on premises of religion or the supernatural. Complete beginners and seasoned experts are equally welcome!

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Meditation / Existential Discussion Group

Boston Public Library

Discussion group about meditation and a springboard for existential topics such as motivation, gratitude, insight, growth, vulnerability, cosmology, free will, and more! Total beginners and seasoned experts alike are encouraged to attend! Are you interested in meditation, but have no idea how to get started? Have you made attempts in the past, but never made any real progress? Are you experienced in the practice, and would like to share your experiences, as well as hear about the varying approaches of others? This open-ended discussion group will cover all of the above, plus whatever's on your mind lately. I'll have a loose agenda of talking points, but we can venture wherever the conversation takes us organically. I'll be making a point to include everyone in the conversation, so if you tend to be shy in groups, no worries! I got your back. The benefits of meditation include: -Coping with difficult/stressful situations. -Focusing your mind and sharpening your attention. -Increasing your sense of gratitude. -Reducing, if not eliminating, the boredom in your life. -Cultivating your ability to be present, instead of involuntarily stewing about the past, or fretting about the future. -Enriching the interpersonal relationships in your social life and work environment. Hope you can join us to make some new friends with a shared common interest, get some practical tips on how to approach the practice, and discuss some important life questions that are worth exploring every day.

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