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Mindfulness 101 - Boynton Beach
Simple tools that will help you to appreciate every moment of your life. With as little as 10 minutes per day of quiet practice, we become better equipped to navigate the ups and downs of life on a daily basis. You will be taught a simple technique that you can put into practice immediately. No previous experience needed. In addition we will explore the following questions: 1. What is Mindfulness? 2. What is Mindfulness Meditation? 3. What is the foundational practice on which everything rests? 4. What is the significance of “breathing” in Mindfulness practice? You will be encouraged to wake up to what is real for you in each moment. We welcome the opportunity to sit with all our thoughts, emotions and sensations as we practice non-judgmental awareness of all that we are and all that we are becoming. Mindfulness is an exploration that has the capacity to lead you to the core of your being, where you may dwell in the richness of your humanity and the uniqueness of your soul. Chairs are available or bring a cushion or blanket to sit on the floor. We are asking for a $10 cash donation - Thank you. IF YOU ARRIVE AFTER 6 PM PLEASE RING THE DOOR BELL. THE GUARD WILL LET YOU IN. PLEASE ENTER THE STUDIO QUIETLY. Feel free to post any questions or concerns. Or you can contact Dee - text or phone -[masked]

San Raphael in Renaissance Commons

2 Renaissance Way · Boynton Beach, fl

What we're about

This group is for anyone who would like to explore the art of Mindfulness Meditation in a small group, supportive environment. Dee Greenberg, certified instructor has been practicing yoga meditation since the age of 19 and teaching since 2003. She recently stumbled upon a book called 10% Happier by Dan Harris. This book literally changed Dee's life! Curious, she began practicing Mindfulness Meditation and was amazed at how quickly she was able to see positive, tangible results within a very short period of time. And she had the good fortune of enrolling in a Mindfulness Meditation Teaching Program with master instructor and trainer Sean Fargo. Through the program, Dee learned a systematic technique for both practicing and teaching Mindfulness Meditation. The program was quite thorough and comprehensive, including 20 hours of logged in Meditation time on the cushion, as well as 10 hours of intensive research on many aspects of Mindfulness and with hands on practical techniques for both teaching and applying the knowledge in everyday life.

In the weekly classes Dee will teach you a simple, basic technique which only requires a minimum of 5 - 10 minutes of daily practice in order to see tangible, positive results. Anyone can learn the basics in about 5 minutes, no previous experience needed. And even if you think your mind is way too active to meditate - this simple practice will allow you to overcome that block. The truth is that with the right tools and coaching from an experienced teacher, anyone can learn to relax into the moment.

With daily practice - you can expect to see the following results:

Ability to easily focus on any task or project
Ability to be present for each moment of your life.
Improved patience and less irritability
Less prone to angry outbursts and temper tantrums
Compassion for self and others
Generosity of spirit
Greater confidence in all situations
Improved time management
Less likely to procrastinate
Finding grace in stressful situations
Sleeping better
Taking better care of yourself
Less prone to impulsive actions or decisions
Better listener
Give more than you take
Treating everyone with consideration and respect
Positive impact on blood pressure
Improved ability to concentrate
Becoming more goal driven and focused
Actions aligning with your highest principles
Overcoming addictions such as smoking and eating
Cultivating a positive mental outlook

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