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What is mindfulness and how can meditation benefit you? Here are just three areas of your life:

• Better relationships

• Improved health

• Reduced stress

Let's look at these areas in a little more detail. With so much demand on your time and distractions coming from all angles, the quality time you spend with your friends and loved ones is all too often compromised. When you do manage to spend time together are you actually present, or is your mind elsewhere? Be honest with yourself... are you engrossed in TV, messaging 'virtual friends' on FB... texting...? Gradually you begin to realise you're drifting apart... losing the closeness you once had... maybe losing them altogether. Mindfulness can help breathe life back into your relationships through meditation.

Your body has an amazing, natural capacity to heal and recover from illnesses and ailments. Even when you fail to give it the care it deserve, it still carries on serving you with no conscious effort from you. Nevertheless, continuous abuse and neglect can take its toll and your health breaks down. Imagine then, if you were to treat your body with gratitude and loving kindness instead of taking your health for granted. Mindfulness can teach you, through meditation, to listen to warnings your body gives you and respond with care and compassion.

Stress... is it a killer... or a driving force? Both! Mindfulness offers a way of managing stress so you can use it positively to enhance your life. Stress is the body's natural way of ensuring you survive! But what happens when you become stressed about stress? You need to respond to it in a healthy, conscious way. Meditation can help you to do this.

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