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The Essence of Buddhism and Awakening 1 Day Retreat
Join us for a joyful and empowering day of transformative teachings on the essence of Buddhism and compassionately awakening to your highest nature. During this 1 day intensive workshop we will share essential teachings, meditations and stories on the path to compassionate awakening. We will clearly and succinctly explain how and why we suffer emotionally, mentally and relationally and how we can be free ourselves of of this suffering through simple yet powerful daily practices and understandings. This workshop will be offered by Michael Gregory former Buddhist monk and Director of Mindfulness Meditation Centers and Mindfulness. This retreat will explain how Buddhism is not just a way of thinking but a well-traveled path toward enlightenment. This comprehensive guide to the Buddhist path will be accessible and complete, regardless of background. Michael will break down the teachings down conveniently into practical and modern terms, while never letting us forget that the point of all the Dharma is nothing other than insight into the mind and heart. Essential and clear instructions to introductory meditation will be offered. Along the way he will provide vivid living definitions of fundamental Buddhist concepts such as compassion, emptiness, and Buddha-nature and answers to common questions and misconceptions. *** Retreat Almost Full Please Sign Up on Eventbrite to ensure attendance and please be available on that day: Enter into a sacred space of awareness as we come together to recognize and heal the unconscious pain caused by identifying with the ego and unconscious story lines. The alchemy of awareness and compassion will provide a clear pathway and methodology to awakening to your limitless and loving essence and releasing the barrier and blockages to experiencing deep and limitless love within your being. These instructions are rarely given and are known as liberation instructions in Mahayana Buddhism, meaning if practiced with deep compassion and commitment will lead the practitioner toward freedom from all suffering and the realization of their nature. Benefits of this beautiful workshop are: Understanding why we suffer and how we can be completely free of this suffering by awakening to our true and beautiful nature. Guided meditationa will be offered on this topic. Healing stress, anxiety, guilt, depression and anger by learning how we can take 100% emotional and projective responsibility for your life. Becoming aware of the shadow aspects of self and healing and integrating this through awareness based compassion practice. Powerful, simple daily practices that will transform your life, relationshipa and awaken your inner limitless potential. Rising into deep and complete love and compassion for yourself by knowing yourself at the deepest level. Deeply healing difficult relationships, past trauma and emotional pain. Insights into your path, purpose and deeply meaningful existence, aligned with the path of self realization. Awakening to the blessings of the present moment and developing authentic presence. Attaining unshakable inner peace and experiencing increased love, joy, patience, gratitude and generosity. Awakening to your true and limitless potential and realizing meaningful happiness. Registration and Attendance: There is limited seating available for this event, please reserve your space ahead of time on Eventbrite to ensure attendance. If you have any questions email [masked] Online attendance is also available please email [masked] if you would like to attend online. Cost: We are offering two ticket types. Donaton: Please donate according to your sense of generosity and capacity to do so. Mindfulness Meditation Centers is completely supported by donations so your contribution is vital. Free: We welcome you to attend with a free ticket if you cannot donate at this time. Mindfulness Meditation Centers offers all classes and retreats by Donation/ Generosity Only. Which means that there is no prescribed cost to attend and we ask that each person simply contributes according to their means and their sense of personal capacity and generosity. Mindfulness Meditation Centers is a 501 C and all donations are tax deductible. All are welcome regardless of background. Location and Schedule: This work will be held conveniently at a beautiful space downtown Culver City: 9314 Venice Blvd Culver City. The space is a stand-alone unit on Venice Blvd and has parking spaces reserved for our guests. There is also a parking garage on Cardiff Avenue, one block away. We provide chairs and tables and couches. If you would prefer to bring a meditation cushion, please feel free to do so. About The Teacher: Michael Gregory went from being an Investment Banker to a Buddhist Monk and Influential Teacher of Buddhism in the West. Michael founded Mindfulness Meditation Centers 23 years ago and has taught thousands of workshops and retreats across the US and the world. He was ordained in the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah, and later ordained in the Tibetan tradition in Sikkim where he entered into long retreat in Tibet and Tailand. Later he was asked to return to the US by his Tibetan teachers to teach Buddhism in the West. Michael Gregory has been the Executive Director of the Mindfulness Meditation Center community in California, Colorado and Florida since 2000 as well as the Beyond Therapy counseling community. He has actively practiced Buddhism and meditation for over 25 years and has joyfully instructed a continuous stream of practitioners of all levels and backgrounds in North America, Thailand and India. Michael is well known for his direct, powerful, and often humorous teaching style stressing insight, mindfulness, concentration (jhana) meditation and practical, liberating practices. He places special emphasis on the application of Equanimity, Loving Kindness, Compassion and Joy in daily life. He now leads a lay life and offers clear and pratical insights on how to bring Buddhism and Mindfulness into modern life, relationships and how to be in this world but not of it.

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Mindfulness Meditation Los Angeles offers Online and I’m Person Classes and Retreats. MMC is dedicated to providing crystal-clear teaching on mindfulness and insight meditation practice that is practical, approachable and livable. As the Buddha said: "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."

With this in mind, this meetup offers non-mystical, non-institutional and ritual-free teaching on the philosophy practice and benefits of mindfulness meditation - a very practical approach to mindfulness. We may spend time caring for our bodies: time in gyms, on jogging trails or in yoga classes. All with the intention to be more physically healthy and happy. The mind can be developed in the same way - towards happiness and health. With mindfulness meditation, we seek to train our minds towards a lasting happiness not dependent on external circumstances.

Every meditation session begins with development of shamata - the practice of calm abiding. The second part of the meditation session uses the calm mind as a base for vipassana or insight and the development of wisdom. People may enter the classes at any time, with any level of experience, or from any meditation background as the teachings are non-sectarian - all are welcome. All courses and classes are offered by personal generosity only.

The principal meditation focus is mindfulness of breathing, of feeling tones and of mind. These are in concert with loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity practices. The instructors accomplished Western practitioners with substantial experience in deep meditation retreat. They approach meditation training from the perspective of one engaged in modern daily life, earning a living, facing everyday challenges and "walking the walk" with a daily practice of their own. We also offer monthly weekend retreats and longer-length retreats each year. The focus of all of these is a deeper engagement with the core practices of Buddhism: mindfulness, awakening and methods leading directly to realization.

Our intention is to share authentic mindfulness teaching in a manner that is both joyful and applicable to your life. Please feel free to contact us with questions or simply drop in for an evening to get a firsthand experience, drop-ins and beginners are always welcome - and may you be happy!

Michael Gregory has been the Director of Mindfulness Meditation Centers since its inception in 2000 as well as the Executive Director of the Beyond-Therapy. He has been actively practicing meditation for more than twenty five years, completed many years of both solitary and group retreats, and led large retreats for more than a decade. Michael has been actively counseling individually as well as lecturing to packed halls full of educated and experienced professionals, and is a well known and highly regarded lecturer, and former Buddhist monk. Michael has an outstanding ability to communicate deep, sophisticated knowledge of the mind and it's processes with ease, directness, and humor. Over the past few years Michael has expanded his lectures to include major university talks in both psychology and religious studies departments as well as in corporate executive, leadership, mediation, and wellness programs.

Michael has joyfully instructed a continuous stream of educated and experienced practitioners of all levels and backgrounds in Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Europe and the United States. He has led hundreds of meditation retreats on almost every subject matter related to mindfulness, in addition to leading meditative journeys throughout Thailand, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and India - further connecting students and friends with their studies and practice. Michael currently directs the practicing and teaching schedule at Mindfulness Meditation Centers, Colorado and Florida centers, as well as on-line meditation classes at

Formerly, Michael served as the business manager of a Colorado hospice and also as a the Coordinator for the Boulder Homeless Shelter food voucher program, and MMC's prison outreach program in several rural counties of Colorado.

Michael was ordained as a Buddhist monk in the Thai forest tradition, the Burmese Mahasi tradition, and then was ordained in the Tibetan tradition by H.E. Gylatsab Rinpoche at Rumtek monastery in Sikkim. He has completed many years of meditation retreat in the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah, the Anapanasati tradition of Buddhadassa Bhikku, and the jhana traditions of Mahasi Sayadaw and Pa Auk, as well as extensive experience in the Tibetan traditions. Michael has been privileged to receive from the lineage holders the major empowerment cycles in both the Mahamudra and Dzogchen traditions.

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