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Zoom Meetups: Mindfulness Based Emotional Resilience Learning and Support for Narcissistic Abuse Survivors.

Every meeting we will learn how to develop skills with mindful approach including breath, body-mind awareness and meditation to develop long lost sense of emotional resilience, self-compassion and self-nurturing. We will learn that we can move from a victim to survivor to the THRIVER by returning back to our inner being after years of self-neglect and self- abandonment. Step by step, one day at the time.

For the rest of the meeting after the training/learning we will share our experiences, learn from each other, and give each other compassionate support and listening.

Please be aware this is not a substitute for professional therapy.

About me:

I was raised in a family where my older sibling had a malignant narcissistic personality disorder (overt) and a mother who was a covert narcissist. Emotional, verbal, and psychical abuse and neglect were part of my life for decades. I developed toxic inner critic, cPTSD, sense of inferiority and invisibility, and all textbook symptoms of traumatized child and adolescent.

Symptoms never disappeared entirely, but I've learned to recover faster through mindful emotional resilience practice, and also I've learned when a cycle of shame, fear, and pain overcomes me to work with those patterns and shift them to better-coping feelings.

Narcissistic abuse also opened the door to many fulfilling paths in my life. Yes, this can happen too. I am a Certified Recovery Coach and Mindfulness-Based Meditation Teacher.

How to work with me and how can I help, check here: http://www.ptsdtraumarecovery.com

If you are reaching out please mentioned you are part of this group. I do offer sliding scale for group members.

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