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Join the Revolution! The Mindfulness Revolution. Break away from the bonds of living on Auto Pilot; chaining yourself to mindless, reactive, stressful and numbing thought patterns. This is not just another meditation class. This is Mind Training. Mindful Awareness Training for being more alive in this Moment. This is It!

Replace meaningless mind wandering with calm, focused and relational being. De-Stress and Up-Focus; Open up to Spontaneous Creativity; Relax into Deep Calm; Broaden the Bandwidth of your Experience of Life by learning to Attune & Attend to the Moment. It is Simple, But it is not always Easy! That is why an experienced teacher and having support of the Group is important.

Mindfulness Training is the Most Pleasurable, Most Rewarding, No-Sweat Workout Ever! Part of the DayQuest Life Awakening to Now! series, Mindful Awareness Training (MAT) sessions are both scheduled and pop-up. Join us and Discover the Part of Yourself That's Been Waiting for You to Show Up

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