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Not able to make the group? Build your mindfulness skills by downloading my mindfulness audios (http://www.drlindsaybira.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html). I've recorded these in the same style I use when guiding the group through the exercises.

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Mindfulness practice trains your mind and body to pay attention in a particular way. When we do so, we can achieve relaxation while learning to accept & release distress caused by the distractions of everyday life. Taking time for mindfulness can help maintain health & happiness, improve attention, improve emotional regulation and promote self-growth. We can practice this in many ways, one of which is meditation. Click Mindfulness w/ Dr. Lindsay Bira (http://www.DrLindsayBira.com/mindfulness) to get more details about the group on Dr. Lindsay Bira's website.

In this group, led by Dr. Lindsay Bira, you will be challenged to think in a different way, given guidance to learn different forms of mindfulness, and provided with a space in which to meet like-minded others. It's a great place for beginners to learn more, or for those with experience to deepen their practice! We practice different styles of mindfulness and meditation (breath, sound, nature, walking, eating, mantra, focused intention, etc.) with a variety of self-growth themes (self-esteem, destructive thought patterns, love & kindness, forgiveness, letting go of guilt, etc.) all through a mindfulness approach based on research.

Dr. Bira is a TEDx speaker who has her Ph.D. in clinical health psychology and thus offers something different than you will find at other meditations in the community. With a focus on health, wellness, fulfillment and self-growth, you can expect to learn tools that will adjust your perceptions and help you make positive shifts even after you leave the group. In addition, having the group in nature WITH distractions adds a deeper layer than does quiet meditation: It helps you learn to resist distractions and re-train your brain to let go of stress and judgment. This translates into a skill you can apply everywhere, in all areas of your life!

Groups are held monthly during the Pearl Farmers Market @ The Historic Pearl so you can relax before or after you shop for wholesome greens and goods. Weeknight sunset groups are also held occasionally. Come join the group to learn more with Dr. Bira.

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Dr. Bira's TEDx Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXmv8pq3RuY

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FREE Mindfulness w/ Dr. Bira @ Pearl Farmers Market!

Pearl Amphitheater

FREE Mindfulness w/ Dr. Bira @ Pearl Farmers Market!

Pearl Amphitheater

Mindfulness w/ Dr. Bira @ Pearl Farmers Market!

Pearl Amphitheater

Sunday Mindfulness @ Pearl Farmers Market!

Pearl Amphitheater

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