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WHO? #who
This group is for: Millennials who are focused on personal growth and are interested in learning how to use our thoughts to create our own realities.

Maybe you feel:
----> lost, stuck in negative thinking patterns, stressed out, spread too thin, can't seem to relax, overwhelmed, lonely, full of anxiety, or depressed.

Maybe you feel you feel FINE, but you want to improve your:
----> career, relationships, job satisfaction, mood, health, income, lifestyle, environment and more.

WHY? #why
MM General Purpose: The purpose of this group is to create a supportive community of positive-minded millennials that are interested in improving their lives through a collective exploration into the power of our minds and thought patterns.

Mindfulness WORKSHOPS: These paid workshops are created to expand on the concepts listed below (positive thinking, meditation, ect.) and HOW to incorporate them into our daily lives through mindfulness techniques and exercises. Connect with other participants for additional guidance and support in your mindfulness journey.

Mindfulness HIKES: Free hikes in the East Bay created for appreciation and gratitude. Connect with nature and your inner self. Have fun and energizing conversations with other group members.

WHAT? #what
We will explore many concepts including but not limited to:
*positive thinking
*law of attraction
*personal growth
*life purpose
*and more.

WHEN? #when
Mindfulness WORKSHOPS: Paid event every 1st Tuesday of every month from 5-7pm excluding major holidays unless otherwise specified.

Mindfulness HIKES: Free event every 3rd Sunday of every month 10am-1pm excluding major holidays unless otherwise specified.

HOW? #how
Mindfulness WORKSHOPS: Each meeting will generally consist of:
---approximately 10-15 minutes of meditation
---each group member introduction, share of gratitude and appreciation
---Break the ice and Connect Exercise
---approximately 20-30 minutes of new learning from one or more of the above concepts
---approximately 20-30 minutes practicing learned mindfulness exercises/techniques

More Details:
---10 group member participants maximum
---You are responsible for your own transportation.
---You can post a request for a carpool with other participants in the Facebook group using #hitchhike and which city/area you need a ride to/from. Purchase ticket only after confirming with the group member.
---I may be able to help you with transportation to the Mindfulness WORKSHOP event but make sure you confirm with me via Facebook group before purchasing a ticket.
---Pay for the event at this link: TBD

****Please do NOT RSVP/Pay for the mindfulness workshop events until you have confirmed transportation to the event. *******

Mindfulness HIKES: Each meeting will generally consist of:
---group member introductions
---5 minutes of meditation during the hike
---Approximately a 3-5 mile moderate hike

More Details:
---15 group member maximum
---It will be the sole responsibility of each individual wishing to attend to find transportation to the mindfulness hike. It is unlikely that I will be available to assist with transportation to the Mindfulness HIKE events.
---You can post a request that you are interested in finding transportation by posting in our Facebook group using the #hitchhike and listing the city/area you need transportation to/from.

WHERE? #where
Mindfulness WORKSHOPS: East Bay Marinas, will specify on event post which area and if there are any changes.

Mindfulness HIKES: Always in the East Bay. Each event will include details on the meeting location.

PREPARATIONS/Rules of Engagement: #rules

Mindfulness WORKSHOP:
1. Class is limited to 10 participants.
2. Pens and Paper will be provided.
3. Bring layers as it may get cold and windy.
4. Bring food, drinks, snacks, ect. as dinner will NOT be provided. Feel free to order DoorDash or any other meal delivery if necessary.
5. Do NOT pay for this event until you have CONFIRMED transportation per Sonia or a member of our Facebook Group.
6. An RSVP on Meetup does NOT confirm your attendance. You must have confirmed transportation and pay for the event at this link in order to attend: TBD

7. JOIN our free Facebook Group: Mindfulness for Millennials with SoniaSelfCare
by clicking this link:
***ALL scheduling or policy changes will be updated in the group Facebook page under the Events tab.*** Here is the link:

Mindfulness HIKES:
1. Hikes are limited to 15 participants.
3. Bring layers as it may get cold and windy.
4. Bring water and snacks as needed as this will not be provided.
5. Find your own transportation. You can post in our Facebook group ride requests by using #hitchhike and including the city/area you need a ride to/from.
6. Do not RSVP to this event until you have CONFIRMED transportation so that others who wish to attend may do so.
7. JOIN our free Facebook Group: Mindfulness for Millennials with SoniaSelfCare
by clicking this link:

**Cancellations must be made within 24 hours in advance in order to be elligible for a refund otherwise the ticket holder can attend the next scheduled meetup. No EXCEPTIONS.

*I reserve the right to remove anyone from the group as I desire. However, that is typically only a concern with those that exhibit violent, disorderly, unlawful, threatening, disruptive, or disrespectful behavior. We are a safe space and will ask any individual to leave that disrupts the comfort and security of the group and group members.

Congratulations on attracting a group of positive-minded Millennials like yourself whose soul goal is to improve their minds and lives.

By attending and participating regularly in this group, you will gain:
-- a safe space
--supportive community IRL and Facebook
--positive thinking skills
--ways to raise your vibe
--how to attract more of want you want and less of what you don't
--your inner power
--techniques to apply mindfulness to your everyday life

To learn more about the Mindfulness for Millennials Group, you are welcome to check out our Facebook group at:

To learn more about the organizer, connect with Sonia and add her as a friend:
--Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sonia.brietzke
--Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soniaselfcare/

We are all one. Welcome and experience the joy of being a part of our Soul Family and Community.

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