What we're about

This is a group of like-minded individuals who seek personal growth towards a happier and more fulfilled life.

We work from the premise that there are mental tools that can be learnt to allow ourselves to live our life fully, inspired and with joy, giving ourselves the best chance to achieve our goals. The tools we teach are not anecdotal, they are based on scientific research mainly from the field of Positive Psychology, and can be used in every day life.

Our idea is to create a relaxed, positive environment with lots of room for discussions and the sharing of experiences in order to learn from each other.

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is a newer scientific branch of Psychology which is based on the realisation that traditional Psychology has until now overemphasized the exploration of human disorders and weaknesses. Instead of aiming to relieve human suffering, Positive Psychologists now study how we can get the most out of our lives: How can we develop positive emotions, character strengths and institutions in order to allow people to thrive and flourish?

How does a session look like?

Every time, there is a guest speaker or presentation which is based on a topic from Positive Psychology.

We create a space focussing on what goes well in our lives and the positive goals we strive towards, instead of the problems and things we want to get away from. On this basis, we create discussions, do exercises and share our stories.

We will introduce a tool or technique which can be applied immediately in our lives in order to get closer to our goals and ideal self.

Before and after, we will socialise and enjoy the evening further.

Reasons to join our project

Get insight into what recent studies reveal about human strengths and strategies of people who achieve emotional fulfilment and psychological well-being.

Learn more about how to make the most of yourself through methods supported by science in a cosy non judgemental atmosphere.

Meet new, like-minded people who can inspire you to grow.

Develop a positive and hopeful mindset.

Find out how you can recognise, grow and use your unique strengths.

Learn how to use Positive Psychology as a tool to achieve positive change and to realise your potential for authentic happiness.


The meetings will be held every 8 weeks at Life Force Financial Services, 7th floor, Regent building, Regent Road, in Sea Point, Cape Town. Please arrive at 18:30 for 7pm.

There are no membership fees. We charge R70 per person attending. The money is used for the Meetup.com fees, the venue, snacks/drinks, material and the program). The organizers volunteer their time.

Please RSVP via Meetup.com so that we can plan optimally, and please let us know if you can not make it unexpectedly.

What this group is not:

We are not a dating group. We want people to feel safe to come to the group, without them having to worry about ulterior motives of other group members. Therefore we ask everybody to sustain from inappropriate or sexual comments or advances, which will not be tolerated.

We are not a business networking. It is perfectly fine to network with others casually, but we wouldn't want people to constantly advertise themselves or their services.

We don't provide group therapy or psychotherapy. Our setting is light and social, and we encourage group members to contribute to the positive energy of the group. If you need help or therapy beyond that, we will refer you to the right health professionals.

When a member doesn't follow these guidelines, we reserve the right to ask him/her to leave the group if we agree that that person's behavior is to the detriment of the group.


Taking the best of you and enhancing it through easily learn scientifically supported tools, means that if you are up for the challenge, take the first step (join us), learn the techniques (come to a get together) and learn how you can thrive.

We are looking forward to meeting you! :)

Manuela, Jeff & Zara

"We can live out the vision that life and work can be about building what is best and highest,

not just about correcting weaknesses"

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