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Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!

Do you want to have fun reaching that next sport goal?
Develop the much-coveted winning mindset for Game Day?
Be clear about your real intention/motivation that will keep you going?

However, are you facing fears, believing it is not possible?
Stuck with negative thoughts, still thinking of that last ‘lost’ race?
Struggling with getting the right motivation and lacking confidence?

Join my workshops!

In sports 20% is physical and 80% is mental.

Hi, my name is Annemijn Briët and I’m a Mindset Coach for Athletes and Professionals; from Amsterdam, currently living in Cape Town.
Sport is my biggest passion. I’ve sailed World Championships, cycled stages of the Tour de France and more. I’ve also worked in the international sports industry (e.g. Nike, Specialized). And most importantly: I’ve experienced myself how it is to have injuries, setbacks, and failures. All these experiences together have taught me that: Mindset. Is. Everything.

In my workshop (& 1:1 coaching) we will:
1) Get you conscious of your own thought process - as mind controls the body.
2) Overcome negative beliefs, and what direct action to take in those moments.
3) Build a strong mission statement. The stronger the ‘why am I doing this’, the easier to persevere.
4) Create your own inspired motivational themes and pre-performance routines, which will push you on game day.
5) Make a plan and set goals: the big outcome goals, the smaller performance goals, and the daily process goals.

Are you interested and eager to know more straight away? Send me a message on +27 63 704 0879 or hello@annemijnbriet.com and let’s connect. Looking forward to hearing from you!

As NIKE says: ‘If you’ve a body, you’re an Athlete’. So you don’t have to be the Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. But are you serious about your passion, have you set some challenging goals and would you like to get a better understanding of your mindset? Send me a message!

For more info please check my website: www.annemijnbriet.com.

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