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At the basis of every setback in life is fear, so many times you will hear feel the fear and do it anyway. This group is different.

It's about releasing the fear, connecting to a mindset that moves you forward confidently able to achieve your life goals.

Let's build a community that focuses on the positive we each hold, so we can support each other in our personal growth & achieve our dreams business, health, lifestyle and happiness.

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The Power of Words

The Old School House

Kinesiology has shown how different words affect our energy. Psychology has explored how words affect our performance. Join us at this workshop to learn how to use the latest mindset approaches to improve your energy and performance. During this session, you will:- - Examine how your self-talk affects your performance - How your words affect others - How words link to actions - The way you create self-fulfilling prophecies in your life and business we will have fun playing with words and expanding our ways of consciously using language to get results. I look forward to seeing you at this new venue for the group.

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Money Mindset

Eagle Labs Manchester Manchester

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