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Minecraft on the Tabletop – Meet-up Group

The purpose of the group is to learn about and discuss newly emerging creative toys and educational practices. The technologies now available to children; how to unleash kids’ creativity; and discuss what may be missing and how to provide those elements.

Children today bridge two worlds; the virtual and the real. In the virtual world, they imagine and create with Minecraft. Kids do the same in the real-world building with Lego’s. In the real world, they attend schools, where hands and minds work together. And no doubt kids do gain significant knowledge from Minecraft in virtual reality. Explore this new paradigm where education and popular entertainment combine both the virtual and the real world.

Leonardo De Vinci said, “Where the mind does not work with the hand there is no art.” Yet, kids’ build very creative things with Minecraft without physically making anything.

In Minecraft on the Tabletop, we explore ways to enable kids to create and solve problems bridging the real and the virtual world. Linking the virtual experience to the real-world experience; emphasize ways of having children's hands and minds working together to share their own ideas and artistic expression, free from constraint. Intent is to ignite kids' ideas to share what's imagined so that global friendships are built.

Discussion topics will emerge! How does play differ in the real and in the virtual world? Can physical activity be engaged while playing virtually? What differences are there in STEM and STEAM education? How do we let kids invent, make things, explore, discover and make mistakes solving problems on their own in Minecraft and Lego? How do we ignite kids’ ideas? Free to imagine things they can call their own. No instructions needed.

Explore and discuss the new realities of learning and play. The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual and augmented reality (VR & AI). XQ Super School and Project Based Learning (PBL). How will these technologies and practices impact our kids, as architects, engineers, artists, and innovators? Will change be fundamental? Do kids play and learn different than how we played or learned? If so, what’s the significance?

Understanding these emerging technologies and practices will help find ways to ignite young imaginations. Come to share ideas on what you have read, toys and games bought, and creative activities and entertainments experienced, good and bad. Let’s evaluate and discuss what’s current by sharing experiences from all walks of life; both familiar and new to these types of products. Group discussion will follow guest speakers. Most importantly, we want to hear directly from children. What do they like? How do they feel?

Please join us on the third Thursday of the month. Daily Dose Cafe & Espresso, 15517 Grove Circle North, Maple Grove, MN. 55369 with free parking. Thanks, Fred

This meet-up provides information to minimize time, expense and frustration developing wholesome activities to nurture kids’ ideas and make available reference materials and resources that inspire and enable imagination. The group provides an open forum to meet and interact. We do not sell and do not allow solicitation for products or services.

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