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Welcome to Mingle AZ. A new, awesome group! Targeting, but not limited to, those who are new in town, wanting to meet new people and excited make new friends or just looking for a good reason to hang out. Then this is your group.

We are a fun social group of upscale Professionals from all over the valley, comprised of members from (early 20s -- late 40s) that want to meet people face to face and make real friendships. This is "NOT a Singles Group" and messaging random members is forbidden. Unless you have physically met them first.

Let's get together to enjoy events, mixers, happy hours, hang-outs, concerts/shows, dinner, movies and any other fun activity you can think of lol. Any non-offensive activity/event is welcome and all new ideas are strongly encouraged to be shared and that also goes for any and all volunteers that want to help host.

Be Social, Just Mingle!

Eric Shane: 602-688-1113.

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Online Event: Tony Robbins Turning Action into Results w/ Top Trainer Dragan

The Extraordinary Being Movement just got off the phone with the Tony Robbins team and we are excited to share a scheduled a live event with Dragan Trajkovski. Please register here. https://events.blackthorn.io/en/80dgRC6/ebm-presents-tony-robbins-turning-action-into-results-w-top-trainer-dragan-5a8U2H1rCo8/overview As National Trainer for Tony Robbins, Dragan Trajkovski advises and consults with Fortune 500 companies, executives, managers and sales professionals in the areas of Peak Performance, leadership, organizational behavior, the psychology of achievement and sales. During this valuable event, you will: 1. Learn to execute Tony Robbins’ proven strategies to produce life changing results in your career, relationships and life. 2. Take the wheel of life assessment to close the gaps between where you are and where you want to be. 3. Learn pattern breaking techniques to determine a clear target of what you want in every area of life. 4. Complete a goal setting exercise to uncover the driving force that propels you toward your goals. Save your seat – Please register here. https://events.blackthorn.io/en/80dgRC6/ebm-presents-tony-robbins-turning-action-into-results-w-top-trainer-dragan-5a8U2H1rCo8/overview Once your register you will receive an email from Tony Robbins team for Your Unique Personal Zoom webinar link More information on Extraordinary Being Movement https://www.extraordinarybeingmovement.com

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