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Welcome To Mini Retreats for Big Breakthroughs,

These one to one, one day retreats in Stroud are likely to appeal to people who feel things deeply.

Maybe you call yourself sensitive, introverted, a sensitive extrovert, an empath or a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Maybe you sense it but don't have words to convey your strong preference for deep kindness and gentleness in life.

Either way, if this is you or you know somebody who is, please consider giving yourself a day of rest and championing your needs in the face of an issue you may be grappling with at the moment.

I bring everything I have to these days, picking and choosing what will be supportive to YOUR cause, your challenge, your healing and discovery.

You need to only get here (in Stroud, UK) and receive yummy food, beautiful, spacious venue and nature outside big windows and all around.

On offer are:

+ empathic, patient listening to whatever is going on for you

+ understanding and tools for successful sensitivity

+ a platter of nibbles and drinks at all times

+ yummy, nutritious lunch cooked for your dietary requirements

+ comfy sofa and warm blankets if you want to pause, rest and nap or journal

+ a walk in nature to connect with the elements and the greenery

Please visit our webpage where you can find stories from happy participants of the Mini Retreat (and to see other services Gentle Power offers):

http://gentlepower.co.uk/mini-retreat (http://gentlepower.co.uk/gentle-resilience-day/)

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