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Learn Music through Play

If you are a mom or dad, who is interested in making music with your child(ren), come and join me for the fun. Singing together is a great way to share a common interest and to make friends.

I want to share the joy of making music and singing together. We will feel the rhythm, clap our hands, shake the rattle, beat the drum and sometimes make very loud noises, because toddlers will have fun joining in all these activities.

The program has been developed over many years of trial and research. The music literacy component is based on Kodály methodology and repertoire. The influences of the theories of Orff, Dalcroze and Suzuki are also evident.

As main instrument, I will bring my Ukulele and a CD with orchestrated music. So we have a good mix of live and CD music. The songs are childhood classics and nursery rhymes as they are best know and easy to sing along.

For further program details, please check on http://www.minimaestros.com.sg

How the program is run:

We meet at the full hour to settle the kids. Start is 10min later, the class will be 40min.

We will sing and learn the rhymes together, do some lap plays, play rhythms with various instruments, dance together and catch some bubbles. Of course a parachute play cannot be missed, too….

Total program duration is 8 weeks. Cost for the term is $240. I will add 2 more weeks, for make up classes, as children get sick once in a while and will not be able to come. If you sign up for the term, and you are a lucky mom with a healthy child though out the term, you will get the last 2 weeks for free.

To get to know the program better, you can join for a 3 weeks trial for $60. If you sign up for the trial, please come the 3 consecutive weeks, as otherwise you will only see a limited result of the program learnings within your child.

Additional benefits for sign ups:

A booklet with song and music text. In the booklets included are also some home activities, which will be used in class the following week.

A CD with some of the used songs.

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