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Mini-Mutts Playgroup - $7 for 1st dog, $2/additional -
Hey Hey Party Peeps! Welcome to Mini-Mutts, a place for fun and friendship. Please see notes and rules below. Come One, Come Small! We can't wait to see you :) NOTES: 1) There are 40 chairs at the venue. If you need to sit, you can grab a chair from the venue, but availability is not guaranteed so you may want to bring a camping or folding chair from home to be safe. 2) Coffee will be provided. 3) Pricing: Pricing for Mini-Mutts is 7 dollars for the first dog, and 2 dollars per additional. 4) While our forms do not offer an option to add a guest, you can still bring your friends or family. If they have a dog, they must RSVP on their own and will be expected to pay a separate entry fee. All members and guests of members of the Calgary Mini-Mutts agree to all of the following rules if they attend playgroup: 1) Any dogs I bring to playgroup have no history of major aggression toward people or other animals. I understand that the organizers have the right to ask me to leave if he or she feels it is unsafe not to do so. 2) The dogs I bring to playgroup are currently up to date on vaccinations. 3) I will not bring a dog to playgroup who is ill or showing symptoms or may be contagious. 4) I will not bring a dog to playgroup who is in heat 5) I will pay attention to my dog and what he or she is doing during playgroup. If I see my dog having an issue with another dog I will remove my dog from the situation. 6) I will help to keep the facility clean by picking up any waste from my dog, mopping up after a pee accident, and throwing away any trash I may have such as coffee cups into the garbage. 7) If I bring children to playgroup, I will ensure they follow the rules of meet-up, as well as 1)no running, and 2) no picking up other people’s dogs unless that owner has expressed permission. 8) I will do my best to remember not to keep personal items such as purses and coats on the ground; I understand some dogs would take this as an invitation to wee on them. Any damaged incurred to my property is my responsibility. 9) Any damages I may make to the facility, accidentally or otherwise, are my responsibility to repair or replace. 10) I understand the risks involved in bringing my dog into a situation of unstructured playtime with numerous other dogs. I understand the risks involved in getting my dog(s) nails trimmed. I release the Calgary Mini-Mutts and its organizers and the facility owners, wherever that may be, from any and all liability regarding any form of harm that may come to myself or my dog(s). Any issues of property damaged, injury to human or animal, health care costs, or death are solely my responsibility and will be handled at the discretion of myself and, if applicable, the owner of the other dog(s). 11) I have read and understand the No-Show Policy found in the Pages Tab of the Mini-Mutts website and agree to it. 12) I will not bring toys to playgroup. If I want to give my dog a treat, I will do so away from other dogs and will remove the treat if it is not eaten immediately. I will not feed other dogs treats without gaining the owner's permission first. 13) I will be kind and respectful to the staff, the organizers, other members and their dogs.

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The Calgary Mini-Mutts is a fantastic monthly playgroup held for dogs 25lbs and under. The pups get an opportunity for unstructured playtime with other small dogs, with no fear of getting squished by larger furry friends. The playgroups are a great way to keep our babies socialized and give the opportunity for new human friendships to grow as well.

At Mini-Mutts, we also remember that not all fur-babies are as lucky as ours – it is important to give back. We promote different rescue organizations at our playgroups and organize donations, raffles, fundraising teams, and food bank collections. We may be little, but our hearts are HUGE!!!

The meet-ups are held in a facility with two large sections for playing. Dogs can be taken outside for bathroom breaks. Upon arrival, members will find the organizer to pay their dues, and from then on, it's playtime! Water-bowls and poop-bags are set out by the organizer for member and dog use. There is a bathroom onsite, and smoking indoors is not permitted.

The charge for playgroups is 7 dollars for the first dog, and 2 dollars for additional dogs. Your admission dollars go toward covering the costs of space rental, as well as organizer fees issued by, supplies, and other miscellaneous costs such as advertising.

By signing up for the group e-mails, members will be alerted when meet-ups are scheduled. You can then RSVP, which helps the organizer keep track of how many members will be attending. Please remember, RSVP's can be changed online, and no-shows will be handled in accordance with our no-show policy. (See our other pages). RSVP's can be changed up until 8 pm the night before your meetup starts. Changing your RSVP after the deadline will result in a no-show on your record.

Any member who attends our meet-ups inherently agrees to all rules on our waiver. A proof of this document can be found in the pages section under "Rules." This procedure adheres to the "safety first" policy of the Calgary Mini-Mutts.

Any questions or concerns can be emailed to Cai'lin Kroon, organizer of the Calgary Mini-Mutts. Thanks so much for reading, and we hope to meet you and your pooches at our next meet-up!

Cai'lin & Shawn, Flynnagin & Lilly-Lou

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