Testing Puzzles


Let's meet, discuss and do some testing related activities :)

This time I'll bring some (testing) puzzles for us to solve. Come and join other testers in an informal atmosphere, exercise your analytical mind, be prepared to think outside the box, question, be creative and have fun!

Update: And there will be a prize! LockHouse Escape Games Cambridge (https://www.facebook.com/lockhouseescapegames/)(LockHouse.co.uk (http://lockhouse.co.uk/)) has kindly offered to sponsor a free session for 5 people for when they'll open their Escape Games on Regent St. in mid-May. Winner will be drawn at the Meetup, so come along and engage!


* The Old Spring has a parking space (first come first serve basis)
* Table booked from 7pm for "Software Tester Meetup"